FA Deal


Aug 20, 2002
Long Island, NY
1. Vacation - Reduce vacation by 33%. For the top, this means a reduction from 42 days to 28. Savings to AA: $42 M - Head count loss: 682 F/A’s
2. Eliminate pre-vacation “48’s†- $11 M Head count loss: 181
3. Reduce per diem to $1.50 Domestic/$1.75 Intl. Savings: $13 M
4. Reduce “premium†rates by 50% - eliminate longevity, NB lead, night pay, reserve override – the 7/1/03 purser pay raise is eliminated. $21 M savings
5. Change layover rest to FAA minimums - $19 M savings. Head count reduction: 166
6. Eliminate benefits for OVL leaves – the only thing a F/A accrues is seniority, the only thing kept is passes (COBRA payments for insurance) No vacation accrual
7. Minimum annual hourly threshold to accrue and receive benefits $2 M savings 294 headcount reduction
8. Eliminate Article 6E Vacation Benefits (2 months accrual of vacation) $4 M – headcount reduction 71
9. Eliminate crew meals on all flights: $7 M
10. Reduce sick leave accrual to 3 hrs./mo., eliminate rapid reaccrual $10 M in savings – headcount reduction 60
11. Increase trip selection maximum to 77 (Domestic) 82 (Intl) – Monthly maximum 80 (Domestic)/85 (Intl); pure bid lines may be built to 82 (Dom)/87 (Intl); make-up to 85 (Dom)/90 (Intl) - $7M - Headcount reduction: 387
12. Incentive cut in to begin after 69 hours (instead of 67) - $5 M savings
13. Eliminate all paid holidays - $5 M
14. Eliminate EPT training pay up to 12 hours (instead of the current 8 hrs.) $1M Savings
15. Modify uniform point system (18 to 12, reduced PT, no carryover) - $2M savings
16. Eliminate underfly (F/A’s receive actual – not scheduled flt. time) - $20 M savings
17. 100% Deadhead Pay/50% credit - $2 M savings – 39 head count reduction
18. Eliminate IOD salary continuance - $1 M
19. Eliminate “last trip of month protection†– it goes back to 5 days from 7 days - $6M
20. Eliminate furlough pay - $6M (More on this below)
21. Eliminate part-time program - $3 M – 350 headcount reduction
22. Reduce lineholder guarantee to 70 hours - $2 M

The total work rule savings are “valued†at 198 MM. The total headcount reduction is 2,391.

15.6% paycut – “valued†at $153 MM
Change in Medical/Dental Benefits: $8 M (The current payment doubles)

I can''t wait to see our TA (at UA).

Do you guys think yours will pass?

Who is gonna want this job anymore?
With UAL/ U taking concessions, and AA following suit, it makes me wonder how long until we see some of these reductions at DL.
Hard to say. They could leave the dates and pay Vacation at the new rates. Would leave us with the time off, but without the pay. I am wondering the same thing about last trip of the month protection. I hope it just reverts back to the old 5 day.

The head count looks like it is what they anticipate an elimination of, or reworking of a clause to create in overage.
Good Lord Mikey, what were you expecting? This seems worse than what UA wanted to do to us-- BEFORE we started negotiating!
Your union mailing will contain the following: the company''s proposal if you make concessions now, and the company proposal if you don''t pass it and they file chapter 11. There''s a "union mentality" going on at the website where I got this, with a lot of tough talk, but frankly, I feel just like I did at TWA''s concessionary contracts in ''92 and ''94. We don''t have a choice, unless what the judge hands us in BK is a choice, and that isn''t a choice for me.

If there is a positive side to this, I saw nothing on duty rigs or trip rigs (so-called E time and F time) and no mention of giving up "trips missed" for our new shorter vacations. And shorter layovers may mean tighter, more efficient pairings like we had at TWA, which resulted in a lot more 3 on 4 off flying.

On 4/1/2003 1:39:50 PM FA Mikey wrote:

I don't see anything so incredibly bad that people will not accept it.

That is because the APFA made the LLCers its sacrificial offerings to the company. To add insult to injury, on top of the layoff of every single St. Louis based flight attendant, the union gave up furlough pay. Might as well kick them while they are down.

The pathetic leadership of John Ward and company received nothing in return for this industry leading sellout. The APA, at least, got unlimited recall rights and extended pass privileges for the furloughed pilots.
Of these 2391 furloughs, these will be coming from STL correct? Does anyone know? Also, are the current furloughs for April 1 and May included in this figure? Are the retirements also included in this figure?

So what is the length of the contract? Snapbacks? Returns? No furlough pay???

Having taken only a cursory glance at the TA, it appears a bit more draconian than what U dished out.

Best to all.

I thought we gave alot at U. What do you guys at AMR think are the chances of this baby passing? Can''t wait to see what Pitbull from U has to say about that proposal. Also, did I read correctly or did I read into any protectionary clause that AMR will not ask for any more from the judge if they file Chapter11? One more question: Do you guys think Carty will still file?

Just remember from those that went through it. They will either get it now or later

Good luck to all of you.
I don''t have the whole picture yet, but it appears to be a six year contract and has a rather weak "profit sharing" clause. Other than that, no snapbacks.

I assume all cuts are off current rates except where mentioned.

I also assume that vacations accrued last year and just bid for next year are intact, which means the 863 headcount loss with the vacations won''t be hitting us for a while. There are other things that need clarification; if "last trip protection" is eliminated, how can it go back to 5 days from 7? And I don''t understand some of the headcount losses. If flying a certain number of hours annually to accrue vacation and sick leave (item #7) reduces headcount by 294, how is that number determined? Is the company anticipating people will quit?

We all know where any furloughs will come from. The question is, after STL is gone, which base will be hit hard next? I assume LGA.

Attrition is our friend.

I wonder if Ward even asked for anything in return? Certainly an extension of recall rights would help those natives furloughed after (and the over 900 furloughed before) us. That and the pass privileges would be an almost-no-cost item and would at least put up the appearance of trying to help furloughees. And we WILL be back to haunt him.

So will AA ground the entire LLC fleet? If so, what happens to the remaining pilots? If the fleet is not grounded, only LLC FA's can staff the planes. Will AA carry an overage and be generous with bid leaves and PVD's? Just how high will attrition go?

Inquiring minds want to know.