Sep 22, 2002
As long as we're posting rumors and gloom and doom, we might as well have some real fun:
According to a recent post on Alta vista investor message board. Carl is leading a group of investors consisting of the Blackstone group, Oddessey partners and Vista investment trust. They have filed preliminary briefs in a Delaware court to provide debtor in possession financing in the event AA files for chapter 11. They have more than 7.5 billion for the venture. They are already in discussions with GE, Citibank, Boeing, various leasing Companies and others who would sit on creditors committee. They plan to take control as AA exits BC and then use AA as a cash cow for the funding of future ventures.
If this rumor is at all true, my heart goes out to each and every one of you. If you can confirm this to be true, you all better get your unions to the negotiating table post haste. This is the guy who wanted to replace flight attendants with vending machines in the galleys! He doesn't care who he craps on. Very very frightening if this were to happen.[BR][BR]DCAflyer
Let's kill this rumor...

You can't file a brief with a court for a case that doesn't yet exist. It's just not possible.
On 1/27/2003 8:29:27 AM AAquila wrote:

According to a recent post on Alta vista investor message board.


Alta Vista? Is there as much useful insight on those boards as there is on the Yahoo investment boards?