update clarification of APFA resturucturing agreement

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
To the Membership:
Please note the clarification under Pay Rates


Pay rates reduced by 15.6%, effective 5/1/03
No 1/1/04 increase
1.5% increase 5/1/04, 5/1/05, 5/1/06, 5/1/07, 5/1/08
Your contractual pay step raises remain in effect, minus the 15.6%

Premium rates reduced 50% (purser, language, galley)

Understaffing pay reduced 50%

No holiday pay

No narrowbody lead pay

No longevity pay

No reserve override

No night pay

EPT''s up to 12 hours unpaid versus current 8 hours unpaid

Language pay applies to language speaker bid positions on language of
destination only

Incentive pay for all hours in excess of 70

Per diem reduced to $1.50 Domestic/$1.75 International

Reduction in uniform points from 18-12 (No carry over of points)

Vacation reduced by 33%
Vacation allowance as follows: 1+ years = 9 days
5+ years = 14 days
12+ years = 19 days
20 + years = 23 days
25 + years = 28 days

Elimination of the pre-vacation 48

Trip selection maximum increased to 77 Domestic/82 International
(Pure bids to 82 Domestic/87 International; Make-up to 85 Domestic/90

Layover rest minimums changed to FAA minimum

Monthly guarantee reduced to 70 hours Domestic/International

Flight attendants paid actual flying time versus greater of
actual/scheduled flying time on leg by leg basis, however, guarantee to
remain in tact

Deadhead at 100% pay/50% credit versus 100% pay/credit

Last trip of the month pay protection changed to last 5 days of the
month versus last 7 days

Reassignment protection changed to last 5 days of the month versus last
7 days

Eliminate benefits for overage leaves
(Flight Attendants on overage leaves will continue to accrue
bidding seniority and be eligible for pass benefits)

Eliminate furlough pay

Reduce sick accrual to 3 hours per month; eliminate rapid reaccrual

Minimum annual threshold
(420 paid hours necessary to receive VC/SK accrual. Must maintain 420
hours in rolling 12 month look back period to receive medical/dental
benefits at full time employee rate)

Eliminate crew meals (Domestic/International)

Eliminate Part-Time flying

No changes to Flight Attendant Retirement Benefit Plan

Profit sharing of up to 15% of eligible pay if threshold met

Stock options (Labor to receive 24.3% of total AMR outstanding shares)
*APFA to receive 17.9% of 37,880,000 shares

Company agrees to satellite base test

Agreement becomes amendable 4/30/09

Complete language will be posted as soon as it becomes available

Subject to ratification by the APFA membership

Company agrees to unlimited PVD''s

APFA National Communications Coordinator
1004 W. Euless Blvd.
Euless, TX 76040
800.395.2732 Ext. 8308
[email protected]