US Airways – Delta Merger Update: December 18, 2006 (Late Edition)

What useful purpose does it serve to take your song and dance over to the DL board and get them aggravated? What useful purpose has it done on the UA board? I'm just wondering about what you define as a useful purpose and how it should be applied to one's life?
Proverbs 18:2

What useful purpose does it serve to insult people or lack decorum on a message board?

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Well, we might ask someone like you about insulting fellow employees.

I have a copy of your first post on this thread, full of your opinions presented as fact or thoughts of analysts.

Either extreme laziness, plain dishonesty or a little of both seems to compel your continued attempts to foist off your opinions as "something to be considered", as fact, a "truthiness", if you will. While your M.O. would be well received at the White House, here, some of us actually fact-check postings and are quite insulted at your arrogance.

You seem to regularly insult your readership by engaging in such behavior, whether at the ALPA Forum or here. Here, you use formating to emphasize such dishonesty.

You seem to be a very industrious dude. Try to be more careful about truth, light and facts. You don't fool anyone with your sctick anymore, so, stop it.

BTW, thanks for changing your post.