Us Airways defaults on $44.5 mln Airbus payment


Aug 20, 2002
On 3/6/2003 9:47:02 AM usfliboi wrote:

Bear. I dont think chip is tooo far off with this .. Your gonna be surprised!

Stewart, at this point nothing would surprise me. And truth be told, I don't particularly care anymore. Some elements of Chip's dreams may end up being fairly accurate. And most will probably end up being far, far from anything resembling the eventual outcome of this mess (though, no doubt, that will not prevent future wild speculation on his part). My comments, however, are directed more towards Chip's style in presenting his argument.

If he would put it in terms of "Here is what I think will happen..." or "This is my opinion..." or "My speculation is that...," then I wouldn't have a problem. But when he dresses up his guesses and speculation as fact and inevitability and tries to argue that he is not guessing or speculating, a good deal of credibility is lost.

At least I will give Chip credit for dropping the feeble lip service he used to give like "Of course I hope UA survives and I wish only the best for UA emplolyees."

No one believed that anyways.


Aug 20, 2002

Let's help Chip with any perceived "slant" problem by posting a moderately positive news release issued earlier today by United.

In February, United's load factor went up by 0.5 percentage points to 70.2% as RPMs increased fractionally while ASMs decreased fractionally. Here's the [A href=""]United press release[/A].

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