US Airways Management Agrees to go the Distance with their Pay Concessions

Nov 20, 2002
ARLINGTON (US Airways Special Bulletin) - In a December 18 Special Bulletin, US Airways announced management has agreed to go the same distance with their pay concessions as unionized employees. A big sticking point with many employees was that they had to give concessions until 2008, while management agreed to only one year. Today''s announcement changes the one year agreement to six years, provides $50 million per year or $300 million total in pay and benefit savings.
Thank you Dave for stepping up to the plate. My faith in you might be restored after all. So, if I've got my numbers right, we are only $100 Million short of our goal.

Now, let's get out there and advertize. Do some creative marketing. Rationalize the fare structure. Apologize to our "cockroaches" and rescind the $100 change fee like most other airlines. We need these guys and gals and they have been loyal to US, regardless of what Ben Baldanza tells you.

I'm sure like most other employees, I'll do my best to make sure our airline takes the best care of our pax as we can.

And for heaven's sake, look around Crystal City. See who's doing good work and commend them. Dump the mossbacks who've failed to perform.

We might just be able to save this airline after all. I'm sure our stats will remain among the best in the industry, proving we have some the best employees in the business.
Thank you for listening to us. It's made a world of difference to me.
That info that came out yesterday will be the ONLY reason I will more than likely vote yes. Dea you are correct. Dave and the CCY gang did actually stepped up to the plate. Maybe just a tid bit more respect was earned in my eyes with our management, but they also have a long way to go to earn total respect from me.
Hey Daves,

As far as Mechanic and Related goes:

We've already given more, than we wish we had.

On the other hand, thank-you for aligning yourselves with the rest of the employees.

All we've wanted, was for us all to play on the same team.

You've just won yourselves alot of yes votes, including mine.
Management will award themselves with bonuses to make up for any concession.