US Airways Ready To Fly Embraer 170s Under MidAtlantic Banner

Bigger isnt necessarily better (look at UAL and AMRs problems right now). I''d much rather be a leaner, meaner East Coast Airline with a couple of strategic cities out west served and still be flying than try to serve every Reno and Spokane and be gone. Alaska has been doing the USAirways thing on the left coast alright, there isnt any reason we cant do the same on the right coast (with the Caribbean and some Europe thrown in). The code share thing will enable our map to look like we fly everywhere anyway when its all done so I really dont see a need to worry about not being more than a large East Coast Airline and getting the right equipment in to make some money. The RJS we are supposedly acquiring are not the little gnats flying around now. The Embraer website shows the 170 family and its a nice, comfortable looking plane, and I bet most average travelers wont have a clue that its an SJ unless you told them. So, if this is the plane of the future for US, I could see US being able to advertise a "real jet feel" over the other ERJ/CRJ in markets where we would compete offering FC and associated service over the other carriers service, thereby using the lower costs associated with this plane and appearance of a big plane to get people onto our plane and off the competitions.
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On 5/4/2003 9:27:58 AM OldpropGuy wrote:

On 5/3/2003 5:51:13 PM Mike W wrote:

We''ve found our niche all right....America''s largest regional airline.Didn''t someone who was once proclaimed an aviation genius say "You can''t shrink yourelf into profitability."


It''s obvious that this company has always been primarily a large regional airline. The equipment is finally being right-sized!

So are our wages more complaints then....
On 5/3/2003 5:51:13 PM Mike W wrote:

We''ve found our niche all right....America''s largest regional airline.Didn''t someone who was once proclaimed an aviation genius say "You can''t shrink yourelf into profitability."


Wow. I never knew that regional airlines flew A330s to Frankfurt, 767s to Los Angeles, and 757s to San Juan.
RJs won't work. This airline was built by visionaries who took the time to understand that even small airports could be profitable with small to medium sized mainline aircraft. In my short, just over 20 career, I must have seen 25 or more small "commuter" type airlines go the way of dinosaurs. That's because folks want to be on larger jets. U and PI (and PSA out west) were stealing these relatively high yield pax and making money (for the most part) while the likes of Air Virginia, Altair (which flew the last generation of RJ, the F-28), etc. died on the vine. Now, Dave apparently wants to make us one of them. I hope he takes some advice from his old buddy Gordon and reexamines the whole RJ thing. It just plain won't work, unless he uses them to replace the turboprops, but not more mainline equipment. The economics of RJs is awful. Even at substandard pay and benefits they aren't working. I know Dave made a name for himself as an RJ guy, but he'd better take a look at the writing on the wall, or he'll be the next Acker (chairman of Pan Am, for those that don't remember).
AL flew the Bac-111, PI the F-28, PSA Bae-146. All "regional" aircraft on the mainline. MDA will be operated under U's certificate with furloughed mainline employees. The more things change...

Gordon isn't getting rid of the RJ's, he's only spinning off their holding in the RJ company to raise capital so they don't have to do the CH11 thing.
On 5/1/2003 7:01:55 PM Smoke and Mirrors wrote:

The airline is the first U.S. carrier to negotiate regional pay, work rules and benefits across all parts of the company, Glass said.

NEGOTIATE?????????? Who the DELETED negotiated??????  The Flight Attendant group was told that they WILL follow American Eagles contract...which is the worst in the frigin industry.  Even American Eagles is now better....they got the raise WE WON'T!!!!!  We didn't negotiate DELETED

Just to let you know...old Acker wound up just fine as the chief at Atlantic Coast Airlines(ACA) in bed with Wolf...tore apart Air Whiskey....sent it public, got a bunch of J41''s and RJ''s and made millions....remember...most of the upper crust management doesn''t change....just the paint skeems and the employees they screw!!!!!
PineyBob wrote...
I think you need to stop blaming and look inside yourselves and ask:
1. Did I attend every union meeting?
2. Did I contribute time to the cause?
3. Did I Serve on any Committee in the union?
4. Did I bring my ideas to improve the companies profits to the attention of management?
5. Did I Bring the problems and challenges in my workplace to the attention of my supervisor?
Any organization is only as good as it''s weakest member, whether it be a union or a little league organization.

You have a choice when you wake up each day, you can whine and moan and be a victim, or you can be positive upbeat and focused and work to better yourself, it''s your choice.

You seem to have a good idea of US''s "big picture", but just like us, you are not allowed to see the whole picture.
MY UNION...My "local lodge" is 4 1/2 hrs from where I live. Meetings take place at 9:00 am on Sat mornings. It is a mechanics union...I am an agent,and by design it will stay a mechanincs union. Almost all of the stations that are in this local must travel for hours to get there....or go up the day before and spend the night in a motel (this aint gonna happen because agents would have to pay out of their pocket for the room.) We also realize that some of us have an almost worthless union. As bad as mine is, I''m still better of having them than not having them. I have seen first hand what happens if you don''t have one.
Historicaly, MY UNION nor MY COMPANY say they want our suggestions or input. They say we have an "open door policy"...but the problem seems to be the office is made into a "U" shape..."Please come in through our front open door...continue walking...and exit through the other open door. Thank you. Your presence is needed and has been noted. Sorry you couldn''t stay longer and have more input. It''s not our fault that you couldn''t, please know and understand this."
Most of us have been satisfied with our income over the years or we would have looked elsewhere. We''ve made a descednt living. We''ve always thought that we made a contribution towards our company. Most of us have no ambition or desire to become CEO. We just want to earn a living and have few of the nice things in life. Yes, we have worked hard...saved, and planned for our future. It''s just recently that we have felt that in the eyes of our company that we have no worth....and we question our future finances and stability. We know as everyday workers that we have...can..and will do our part...but we ask the question over and our leadership our "weakest link?"
Conference call? No. Rules state...must be present to vote. I am not trying to be anything but honest when I say, I really don't think they want participation in anything but dues. I have been to only 3-4 local meetings....mainly because it requires getting up at 4-4:30am to drive there and it's 4:30-5pm getting back home. Can't fly bcause flying doesn't get you there in time for meeting (have to connect in CLT....oh, no, can't be a part of the CLT local either) I also have to drive past another local to get to mine, but sorry, my "membership" is needed where I am. (Which means money)
But, I still say I am better off with a sorry union than no union at all!