MidAtlantic Plans Progressing


Aug 20, 2002
MidAtlantic Forging Ahead With Launch Despite Embraer Delay
Aviation Daily -- 06/24/2003

US Airways Express carrier MidAtlantic Airways continues to prepare for launch this fall from Pittsburgh even as the cornerstone of the carrier's fleet -- the Embraer 170 -- faces certification delays.

Express VP Bruce Ashby told The DAILY that because the delay involves only software on the flight deck (DAILY, June 17), assembly of the actual aircraft continues, so delivery delays should be minimal. He explained that even if MidAtlantic has to postpone the start of operations set for November, it would be only a matter of weeks instead of months. The short answer is we're still assessing the situation, he said.

Ashby expects furloughed US Airways pilots to begin training in July. He estimates to have two to three dozen pilots on hand when MidAtlantic takes delivery of the first aircraft, and to add pilots to support the two -170s scheduled for delivery each month through September 2006.

With the Embraer 170's 2,100-nautical-mile range bumping up against that of some Boeing 737 models and the Airbus A320, Ashby said the -170 could fly to most U.S. domestic destinations from Pittsburgh. MidAtlantic plans to focus on the core Eastern business markets of Boston, New York and Washington.

Daily utilization of MidAtlantic's Embraer 170s should reach the nine to 10 hours common to most regional jets, Ashby said, though that number might bounce around in the beginning as the airline launches the fleet. Breakeven load factor for the Embraer 170's flown under the MidAtlantic banner should be about 50%, Ashby said, noting, We're pretty comfortable with that number. -LR
From what we are hearing these aircraft are going to have nicer EVERYTHING inside...like leather adjustable headrest. Also, aren't these aircraft going to be painted "USAirways"...they won't say EXPRESS since it's operated under the USAirways certificate?
I believe youre right, USAirBoy330, the MDA 170s will be operated under the US Airways brand, not the Express brand (which would be silly- theres a big difference between a Beech 1900 and a dual class Embraer 170). So, July for pilot training... anyone know anything about flight attendant training?
CWA contract reads;

“Mainlineâ€￾ is considered to be any aircraft flown by US Airways Inc.

“Expressâ€￾ is considered to be any aircraft flown under US Airways Express designation.

This means mainline customer service should work all aircraft flown under mainline cert??
US issued a COB for about 20 MidAtlantic Airways management positions a few weeks ago, 20 Pilot Check Airman (instructors) have been selected, and the airline has interviewed candidates for the Assistant Chief Pilot position.
The ALPA contract says this operation will be flown as a mainline division, which would not need a new FAA operating certificate, therefore, in my opinion the branding will be US Airways versus Express.
Based on completing Brazilian CTA and U.S. FAA certification, US proving runs could begin in late November or December.
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Thanks Chip. How soon before actual operation will the first crews go through training? How many crews per aircraft (I''ve heard 6 and 12?) How many crews will be needed for startup?
We were referring to the brand name. The pay rates dont even match most Express carriers.

Oh yes they do.. And u are a loser if u think not... Hello smell the coffee dummy
Mr Stephenson,
I''d like you to not call me a loser or a dummy. Are you a child? Will you be hitting me over the head with a Tonka trunk next?

As far as MDA pay rates, the flight attendants will be operating under the American Eagle contract. This is one of the worst in the insustry. There are many "regional" or "commuter" airlines that pay much more. I smell all sorts of coffee. Bad, day old coffee.
On 6/24/2003 5:27:35 PM USAirBoyA330 wrote:

From what we are hearing these aircraft are going to have nicer EVERYTHING inside...like leather adjustable headrest. Also, aren''t these aircraft going to be painted "USAirways"...they won''t say EXPRESS since it''s operated under the USAirways certificate?


The CRJs that PSA will get have nicer EVERYTHING inside too....like ALL leather seats, which will be wider than Comair or NW Airlinks, with adjustable headrests, bigger over heads, mainline style galley, and all sorts of other stuff thats up to YOUR mainline standard. What I am getting at is why all the hoohaa over whether the aircraft has the word EXPRESS on it? Can''t you see that with J4J and everything else, its all starting to become the same thing?
DorkDriver, I think you''re right... it is all becoming the same thing. And it should.
I''ve said this many times before, but this is how I see it. US Airways, as an airline, is going to be a major carrier with RJs and SJs as the majority of the fleet- as it should be considering our regional nature. I''m glad we will be "decking out" these planes to improve the customer experience as compared to what we currently offer, and what the competition offers.
I think there should just be two divisions- long haul and short haul. The short haul division would operate jets from 30-100 seats (I know there''d have to be some scope changes) and the long haul division the Airbus narrowbodies and widebodies. The short haul division would be made up of the wholly-owneds along with furloughed mainline employees, and there would be a flow-thru to the long haul division for everyone. Turboprops, 30 seats and under, would be operated by affiliate regional carriers as US Connection. Affiliates should not operate jets that put the jobs of US Airways (again, I include AL/PI/PS when I say US Airways) employees in jeopardy.
Passengers see the word Express and picture a noisy, cramped prop. Many frequent fliers frown upon the idea of an "Express" plane, especialy if the competition is offering a "mainline" plane. Our new products will look and feel like mainline, so theres no reason to make it sound like an inferior product to passengers. We will have some of these planes flying midcon routes- nothing "Express" about that. Even today, many people connect through PIT and are on two Express planes- its not like the old days where you got on a Metro or a Saab to connect on to the F100 or DC9.
We should try to be an airline, rather than a motley collection of lowest bidding regional airlines that took a dip in the blue paint. We should all be working toward the same goals, and feel a pride in OUR company, US Airways Group, and stop allowing it to be whored out to any and every old airline with a couple planes lying around. I think we would all feel a little more secure in our business plan if it involved US Airways and wholly-owned employees rather than other companies. It would do alot towards employee morale and hopefully end the infighting between the four (soon to be five) airlines owned by USG if we were all on the same page. Does nobody else feel this way?

As for the pay rates, I do think they are dismal. Seeing as our airline is basically becoming a large regional, I think we should be compensated at rates at least comprable to other regionals, if not higher- don''t you? I probably wont see my mainline wages again. Will it stop me from returning? No. But there is no reason for us to be at the very bottom of the industry scale.
Light years,

You are totally correct. AFA International considers American EAgel one of the worst express contracts in the Industry. This is Jerry''s negotiated piece of crap at American Eagle....now imposed on U.

I have the contract and am in the process of reviewing it.