Vacancies At U On Website


Oct 6, 2002
Hey, does anybody know if those numerous job listings on the website are actual vacancies, or is the new regime having folks reapply for jobs?

If they are real vacancies, then are these positions that came available because of a mass exodus during C. 11? Or was U just in a long hiring freeze?

Seems like a lot of vacancies. Who's managing the little stuff? Who's providing staff work to executives? Who's watching airports/reviewing leases ensuring adequate facilities?

Just curious.
US is desperate in CCY from what I'm hearing. Folks that had accepted offers (such as new MBA grads) are now finding other opportunities for a lot more money than US is offering. One of my friends had an offer in pricing several months ago -- the salary was so low she basically laughed and turned it down. For anyone with the skills US desires that already has a job, moving to US would be very high risk given the instability and salary cut you would need to take. So US, for the most part, is pulling from those laid off to fill those jobs, and even those people don't want the low pay.
Desparate is the 'word"
our new hires -6months probation, 2 should have been fired..

Miss Alchy, and Mr Domestic Physical Abuser SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED>>

Lo and behold, still working-2 new guys quit on the ramp, and 2 psgr svc agents quit, higher paying jobs..

I'm telling you this forsaken company is soooo desperate and they will keep what is there..

Mr Domestic Violence was arrested on comp grounds and halued away to jail-he is still employed....we are stuck with this new bunch of bozo's...
I does my odarkthirty shift and out the door by 0900....

AMF>>>> ;)
PineyBob said:
Not to defend US, but the salaries are probably above average. The real problem may be that the CCY area is one of the most expensive areas of the USA to live.
No, the salaries are really low. On-call sales managers start out at about $25,000. That is NADA for a sales position. A floor manager at Hechts or Macys makes more.