Waterloo v2 ; JB Backs off in LGB

While I have been highly critical of the way in which JB has gotten into LGB, if the intent is to (eventually) fly LGB-OAK(vs UA's SFO)/DEN/IAD/JFK(/ORD maybe) against UA, then it is starting to look like a smarter move (at least moving in that direction ;-) ). As I had said before, JB should be taking on the weakest competitors... US and UA, not the strongest comepetitors AA and WN. I think eventually LAS will be dropped. There is simply too much capacity from LA basin to Las Vegas and JB can operate longer stage, lower cost flights with higher yield to other places... Perhaps LAS-LGB will be dropped when they have the equipment to run LAS-JFK/IAD/FLL and fill all the LGB slots with longer routes. While LGB-FLL might make sense eventually, it will cause another spat with AA since they fly LAX-FLL 2x and LAX-MIA 4x. AA is likely to do something to compete, even if it is a money loser, meanwhile UA is probably not in a position to respond... LGB-SEA is would be a low priority for me, since there is plenty of WN and other low fare (although not nonstop) service in the market, and AS has a quality product with reasonable fares nonstop. If AS can compete with WN, I suspect they can hold their own against JB also.