What''s at stake: American''s future

Do not know my place? Lets see Why would or should Eagle pilots agree to something that will not provide any movement for them while providing benefit for more junior pilots? Yes we always seem to be the red headed step child that gets the short end of the stick but right now we are holding the stick ie... the tool needed to make AA competitive and turn around. So they can get a senority # you say well what good is a number that you can not actually use to move to the mainline while they hire more junior guys ontop of you to the mainline. That is if they hire any time in the next say 5 years or more at the mainline. The current proposals are an attempt by APA to gain control of the RJ's and outsourcing. We all understand that but not at our expense.

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I love you guys with the "we're not gonna reward Carty" for x-and-x decision he made X-years or months ago. Carty's got a bazillion dollars of money in his own personal private fortune (although I hear his AMR stock isn't doing so well), so who in the world do you think you're "punishing" by being an old green meanie? Carty? He's GOT his.

Keep up all this huffery and puffery, as if any of this is in your control. Your union leaders won't have the guts to give you the bad news, so they'll huff and puff, too all the way to the courthouse steps, where they will "not reward" a bankruptcy judge sooner than you think.
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[BLOCKQUOTE]----------------On 1/22/2003 2:53:06 PM eolesen wrote: NHBB, don't forget that when Crandall "shrunk" the airline to profitibility, he did it thru B scale.----------------[/BLOCKQUOTE][BR]And without the B scale all these critics would not have gotten jobs at AA. I met one or two who complained about the money Crandall spent on new MD 80s, which is what they were hired to work on.[BR]This time there won't be a B,C or W scale. What does SWA call their overhaul mechanics at BF Goodrich and Cascade?
[P][/P]Jobs for lower wages?[BR][BR]Sounds like the Republican Governor's Oklahoma Right-to-Work arguement to me.
Sounds like the Republican Governor's Oklahoma Right-to-Work arguement to me.


Thank goodness he is gone........