wish everyone well!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 30, 2002
Good luck to you too! I think I will dedicate this BUD to you! Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year!
Just thought I say good bye to all of you today....I have decided to pull out and leave early since nothing else seems to be working. I wish you all well and hope that you all get the results that you want. One advise to all of you who are on this board try to have some positive messages once in a while it will sure improve your moods and god knows some of you need it.. As for me I think 20 years was enough so good by hope you all have a happy healthy new year!!!!!!!!!!!take care to all the ones that have been kind...
Best of luck to you!!! I'm pulling out also, but I wish the best for all those who are staying!
Best of luck to all of you who are leaving us. I know you'll be missed. Get out there and prove there is life outside the airline business. I have a feeling many more of us will be following you soon.

Please stop by once in a while and let us know how you're doing.

Happy Holidays and a very prosperous New Year to you all!