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    For all the JFK folks, are there any plans for a DL hangar at JFK?
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    That is a tricky question

    Will Delta have a lease for a hangar permanently, all the time with a big Delta TechOps sign out front?
    Highly unlikely

    JFK/EWR/LGA has a hard enough staffing the line operation they have, much less any kind of serious hangar work.

    For the most part Boston/Atlanta/Detroit and Cinny are the “JFK hangar(s)”. If the plane can’t make it to one of those then they will use the empty hangar (or yalls hangar) at JFK as needed/as available.

    Delta is very short on hangar space at the moment. Their are now quite a few line of maintenance that “will never be outsourced” that have been sent out of house. 737 c checks, 320 c checks, 767 c checks, 737 indoc, 321 indoc etc. most of the MRO work is also gone.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Delta takes over(again) the exExpressJet/Delta/Eastern hangar in Atlanta which will give them enough room to replace TOC1 becoming the engine shop. Sounds like Delta North/the line is going to get all of it and those checks will stay outsourced tho.

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