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    Black doctor claims discrimination by airline during flight emergency

    Delta Air Lines Changes Policy after Black Doctor was Stopped from Helping on Flight “As part of the review, Delta found that there is no legal or regulatory requirement upon the airline to view medical professional credentials,” the statement continued. “And, as it becomes more and more common...
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    hillary 2016
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    That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot

    The program’s leaders even envision a day when planes and helicopters, large and small, will fly people and cargo without any human pilot on board. Personal robot planes may become a common mode of travel. Consider it the aviation equivalent of the self-driving car...
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    A little humor

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    Black doctor claims discrimination by airline during flight emergency

    An African-American OB-GYN says she was discriminated against on a flight when attendants refused to let her help with an in-flight medical emergency.
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    American Airlines flight attendants sue Boeing over sudden descent injuries

    The Boeing aircraft company is being sued by seven flight attendants who were injured when their American Airlines jet plunged 4,000-feet nose-first in less than one minute due to a freak incident in the cockpit.  ...
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    2 ' Brothers ' SHOT. 1 in NC, the other in OK.

        But as data scientists and policing experts often note, comparing how many or how often white people are killed by police to how many or how often black people are killed by the police is statistically dubious unless you first adjust for population. According to the most recent census data...
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    2 ' Brothers ' SHOT. 1 in NC, the other in OK.

    Tulsa police officer charged with manslaughter
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    AirAsia flight bound for Malaysia landed in Melbourne after pilot error

    A flight to Malaysia from Sydney accidentally flew to Melbourne instead because its pilot entered the wrong coordinates, an Australian aviation investigation report has found.    
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    From APFA: The Company announced today that the planned target date for Full Operational Integration (FOI) will not be happening as soon as previously anticipated. The implementation timeframe of mid-2017 has proven to be an unrealistic goal, considering the IT challenges currently beleaguering...
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    Southwest Airlines plane diverted after engine blows apart
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    FA's to vote on elimination of the "Hard 40"

    I am curious, what are the "world of problems" PBS has brought to the LUS side? I am not at all looking forward to PBS coming to LAA,  just want more information to get my blood pressure up!
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    Fire on Emirates plane after emergency landing in Dubai

    Accident: Emirates B773 at Dubai on Aug 3rd 2016, touched down during go-around without gear, aircraft on fire ...was on final approach to Dubai's runway 12L at 12:41L (08:41Z) but attempted to go around from low height. The aircraft however did not climb, but after retracting the gear touched...
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    Young girl groped on AA flt.

    $10 million lawsuit filed against American Airlines, man accused of groping 13-year-old on Portland flight.
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    A little humor