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    US Airways to offer free Wi-Fi in clubs

    My thoughts also. If we want to hold on to the buisness travelers they better start thinking of putting them in the planes.
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    El Savador

    Trying to get to El Savador (SAL) and was wondering if you guys took jumpseaters (and a surfboard) down to SAL? Heading down there in mid march for a surfing trip with some buddies. Thanks
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    PDT Pay--Not for some

    So you say you worked for the Banks? You also say that while working for the banks that they made errors (even with them being teeny, weenie mistakes). Banks are subject to errors. I have had my Bank make a mistake on a important deposit of money into my account. I didn't freakout or lose my...
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    PDT Pay--Not for some

    My question was what would you have the company do? They issued two letters, they found out it was a problem with the bank. They said they would take care of any overdraft problems. They issued a apology, and the money was there the next day. What else? This hasn't ever happened before, and...
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    PDT Pay--Not for some

    Now that I can definitely believe.
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    PDT Pay--Not for some

    Has nothing to do with heart. Its was a bank error, and it is what it is. I am sure we have all paid a bill late. Banks can make errors and we can sometimes forget about paying a bill ourselves. In my almost 9 years, I have never had a payroll issue. Its happens. Money's in the bank and...
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    PDT Pay--Not for some

    First off I am sorry that you're in the finacial position that a second part of a monthly check would cause so much heartache. Maybe you need a smaller mortgage payment if this is gonna bounce on you. Remember, you should only be paying a quarter of your monthly income on a house. Second, the...
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    PDT Pay--Not for some

    I have been at PDT for 8.5 years and this is the first time its happened. I am not gonna freak out about it! Money is there now, they will pay for any problems. Life goes on.........
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    HORIZON DASH8-200's

    Not fact, but I heard some Nacar Racing team picked up 2 of them and CommutAir was looking to get the other 10.
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    US Airways to take United 747's

    Yea, we could reconfigure the 747 to hold about 800 mexicans.
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    Porter Airlines new EWR service

    Don't they operate Q400's? Thought I saw one in CLT on day, Charter Flight down from Toronto.
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    Upgrading CLT-JFK to 175's

    I don't think he meant Jetblue (flyboy). An upgrade from the CRJ900 to the EMB 175 is a nice upgrade for the US Airways passagengers. Hell, I would rather sit in the back of a E-175 before a Boeing 737 in terms of comfort. However in terms of experience & safety, I would rather have my family...
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    Q400 in airways colors?

    Don't worry, we will around long enough for you to get that 1000hrs of PIC! :up:
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    Q400 in airways colors?

    Jeee, Sig, Thank you! Didn't know how you really felt about me. :lol:
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    Q400 in airways colors?

    Okay, its photoshopped. However they did a great job doing it. How about the ATR/600 series? I heard that it is the rumored airplane that US Airways is now looking hard at.