141 losers


Dec 21, 2013
Site has been dead af for years. Is the 141 a CCP shill? JW? 6am to 8am voting again for IAM dues paying members? Disgusting. Everyone paying dues has cell phone. Direct democracy should be alive in all Unions regardless especially airline Unions with our work schedules. Why any need for a waste of dues for any hall? Why vote in person? No challenge to **** in charge? Oh the bylaws set up by those in charge to keep themselves in charge ... WTF FFS sure no one will post reply understandable, will be another dead post. I get you're scared ....ssssh be quiet let them take your dues sit there eat the garbage representation. Imagine a Airline Union with fair competition to top... lmao not at UA IAM keep paying their retirement funds for the unchallenged and unelected. Gross. How unAmerican to not have anyone challenge you
I wonder if the current 141 ST still sprays air freshener after black members leave his office like he did as 1487 Grievance committee chair?
Fought for online meeting/voting in the early 00's while in DL 143. was told "we want people to come to the meetings." All well and good, except they were in the early afternoon...
When will god fearing unionists ivolved web based voting to end cortuption? Status quo or something new that changes world? Up to you American Unions
Klemm is Putin of non voting why keep **** sandwhich in charge of dues paying reasonable voters? Gross
Kev has been here longer than my shocker pages respect. Wake up worker youre much more vaulable then you astertain