Afa-cwa Merge Or Go It Along

PITbull Posted on Nov 19 2003, 12:32 AM
Merger or no merger the constitution is intact. Nothing changes.

Excuse me.....I beg to differ. It changes whenever UAL says it changes. In fact, I believe it was opened this year and I took a pretty sizable cut.

All you need is the ability to organize your group or peers to do so. Good luck with that.

Again Pit, thanks for proving my point. AFA has its own agenda (and the flight attendants are NOT part of that agenda). I do believe we pay dues so that "our" union fights for what we want. According to you (and all the other proverbial "flight attendants" working at AFA) we should "organize our group or peers"?!? :shock: Are you serious? That's what we are paying YOU for. We fight AFA more than we fight our airlines....that's plucked up.

I am not naive enough to believe this vote will end any other way than a YES vote (nor am I naive enough to believe that AFA wouldn't stoop low enough to alter votes to assure their objectives).

I have had enough of UAL F/A's carrying the load to provide the majority of funds to AFA and continually being out voted, unheard, have the LEC budgets undercut , and the list goes on. All of which leads to misrepresentation.

I don't think AFA could survive without dues from United Flight Attendants. Yet, when it comes to votes, we can't even get some of our LECP's to vote they way we want our personal vote cast. I pay for my vote, my voice. I demand it be heard and cast the way I say. How dare you charge me money and not deliver. That's FRAUD! !
That's AFA!
November 20, 2003 #2

Association of Flight Attendants at United Airlines

1. MEC Officers Vote AGAINST Merge with CWA
2. Voting Information
3. Voting Instructions

1. MEC Officers Vote AGAINST Merge with CWA

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Spirited debate is the hallmark of our Union’s decision-making process.
Perhaps at no other time in the history of our Union has the debate been
as passionate as it is now when we are grappling with the decision of
whether or not to merge with the Communication Workers of America.

As the elected leaders of the United Master Executive Council, we
believe it important for you to understand where we stand on this
historic question.

We firmly believe that this merger with the Communication Workers of
America is not in the best interest of United Flight Attendants, and we
will be voting against this agreement when we cast our ballots.

We are voting against this merger because it subordinates our Union to
that of the Communication Workers of America. If AFA’s 34,000 members
are swallowed up by the 700,000 members of the Communication Workers of
America’s diverse divisions, we will be a small voice in a huge
organization. Flight Attendants will be the worse for it. Remaining an
independent Union will strengthen our profession and better support the
people we have been entrusted to represent.

Rarely are people of like mind on any given issue and we believe
differences of opinion are the foundation of our democracy and of our
Union. We have posted position papers summarizing the different points
of view of the merger on our website and in a special edition of Union
Update. We ask that you cast an informed ballot.

Whatever the ballot outcome, we will continue to work together with the
dedicated members of the United Master Executive Council to represent
your interests.

Exercise your voice by voting. Participate in our democracy. We have
made our decision and now it is time for you to make yours. Remember,
when the last vote is counted, you will have determined our course for
the future.

In Solidarity,

Greg Davidowitch, MEC President

Helen McArdle, MEC Vice President

Shirley Barber, MEC Secretary-Treasurer
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I am not on these boards to attempt to convince you of anything. You have a vote exericise it with an Against. If you don't trust AFA, that is a personal issue with you, and your OWN agenda.

United is not ALL of AFA, and that just may be because you have a "perception" issue. If you truly believe UAL controls everything, than that is an issue you have with your own leadership. The majority of U members don't have those kind of profound issues with mistrust. If they did, they know very well just how to get rid of AFA.
Looks like merge was the answer.... 12/2/03

Flight Attendants Approve Merger With CWA
The ballot to merge AFA with the Communication Workers Of America was ratified by a vote of 8843 FOR and 6696 OPPOSED. 46.5% of eligible voters cast their vote.

Out of 33,881 eligible voters, 15,539 cast ballots. 8,843 votes were cast FOR the merger, 6,696 votes were cast AGAINST.