2 removed from flight after one runs to bathroom

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
Thank God, flight attendants and pilots continue to protect us from crazy passengers who insist on eating airport fast food. Why he didnt just vomit on the person next to him is just beyond me. Note to self, skip the burrito grande before leaving on my next flight.

Officials say two passengers have been removed from a New York-bound United flight in Los Angeles that was searched after one of them leapt up and headed for the bathroom just before takeoff.

Passenger Charlie Rosene told NBC 4 the man refused to comply with an attendant's request to stay seated.

full article here
How do you know he was sick at his stomach? The article has no followup giving the passenger's reason for not obeying the flight attendant.

Sorry, but these days I do not feel comfortable with passengers who refuse to follow instructions. If they won't comply while the a/c is on the ground, I sure don't want to have to deal with them at 30,000 ft.
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There are real emergency's involving bodily fluids. More often than not someone is being told to stay seated by a crew member who is still standing and walking around. I know, I know no one on this forum has ever not been seated in a JS following the safety demo.

From the LA Times, the FBI has determined that a passenger removed from the United Airlines flight this morning posed no “identifiable threatâ€￾ to the plane or its passengers and officials do not expect to file criminal charges.

fron the LA Times
I'm so glad my taxpayer dollars are used to confirm that this was regular poop, not terrorist poop.


btw, jimntx, your instructions take second place to mother nature's instructions
According to the LAPD he was in there slamming things around and opening compartments. Don't think that's a bit odd?