$6 Million Question #5

Oliver Twist

Aug 20, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Is the $6 Million in retention payments to managers really necessary? Or is it the biggest employee relations blunder in US''s history?
I understand the need to keep some members of management in place and money is a sure fire way to do that. But, in retrospect, now that the company has seen the uproar created by this, will it back down and find other, more silent ways to keep the ones they need to keep?
Should they be kept at all or let slip away by headhunters. Many believe the good managers will leave regardless as their work skills easily translate into a bidding war among other companies.
Others believe they are the reason we are in this mess to begin with and feel "good riddence." If this is true, what would the company do if half or more left? How would we fill critical roles in the management ranks?
My personal opinion is this: It may be necessary to some extent, but the bad PR is now the size of Mt Everest and growing. There are other ways to keep the good manager''s and they should look into it quickly. $6 million is a drop in the bucket to a company this size - but the bad employee relations now makes it seem more like $600 million.
What are your thoughts??
I thought President Bush signed a law making it illegal to give bonuses at a time bankruptcy....

((USAIRWAYS MEDIA RELATIONS ANSWER))"well...."Theses bonuses were supposed to be paid in 1999"..."no...2000"..."I mean" .."2001"...."yeah"..."that's it"...we just"..."ah....forgot.."..."Yeah, that's it ...we just forgot...."...."That's the ticket"...

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