Profit sharing to be 58.7 million

I want to hear an explanation by MF or his supporters as to why it's the "right thing to do". This 14% should be divided equally. Here is the US reserves... :mf_boff: as usual.
That is correct, and reitterated in todays q & a.

Okay, I stand corrected.

That doesn't seem too fair either if PSA/Peidmont didn't sacrifice. Did they as well? I don't know

Whatever, let's all take our little checks (by the time all is said and done) and throw a party for the Blockholders. Seems they feel so unappreciated and the reserves are getting so much attention. I believe another poster on another thread stated that the airline consisted of more that reserves. So, let's dedicate something to them.....NOT!!!!
So what is the percent of our W-2 that we go by?
Don't know the percentage, but it would be easy enough to get a ballpark answer if you had the info. Profit sharing should be the same percentage of your W-2 as the AFA share of the profit sharing is of the total of all F/A's W-2's.

Just pulling numbers out of thin air:
AFA share of profit sharing = $10 million
Total W-2 income for all F/A's = $200 million
Each F/A would get 10/200 =1/20 = 5% of their W-2.

Again, in this made-up example the percentage is ballpark. There may be things included in your W-2 income figure that won't count toward figuring your individual share of profit sharing. For example, I presume for at least East F/A's, per diem that the company figures is taxable is included as it is for pilots. These type of non-wage items may or may not be used in the calculations.

Hmmmm.......IAM.....nuff said..... :)
Hey, I understand what you're saying, I've been through my own share of hard knocks with the company the last 25 year, but those HP people work for peanuts, I don't know how they make it as it is. If they can get a little extra bonus for their hard work, really is it so bad?
F/A Group gets 14%
CWA gets 13%..

6.2 mil divided by 8000 CWA emps..
And the grand total is?
Get your calculators out and start counting......
actually: The Association's portion of Company profit-sharing pool will be no less than 14.5%".
an individual f/a profit sharing pymt will be based on such f/a's gross W-2 earnings(prior to any selective deferrals) for the prior calendar year divided by the gross W-2 earnings (prior to any elective deferrals) of all eligible f/a's for the prior calendar year.
"Eligible f/a's" may include retired or furloughed f/a's who had gross W-2 earnings (prior to any elective deferrals) for the prior calendar year.

they want this paid out by end of March, hopefully by March 15th.
That is why I don't beleive the WEST should be part of this.

What I find very interesting is that after 2BKs and "Severe" cuts in most work groups east employees still make more then their West counterparts who do more per capita work. It does show how out of wack and bloated the "old" US Airways was.

Overall though we are one team now and everything needs to be evenly handled going forward.
Well not to put to fine a point on this, BUT when the company reported separate results that old bloated dinosaur generated the Lions share of the profits. In addition the profit generated at a dissproportionate level compared to HP's.

Just another example of how that old bloated dinosaur and it's grumpy whinning elites generate the bulk of that elite 43% revenue premium.

...exactly Piney, well stated!!!!!