A little humor

Oh really? It would seem now that myself, and others, show the hypocrisy of the radical progressive's agenda, things are no longer "funny"? ......... Well my, my, my! The left harassed Trump everyday he was in office! Relentlessly! But now the shoe is on the other foot, it's no longer "funny"? .......... Come on K.C.! Give us a break!

As has been mentioned...a thread for political humor was started. But nobody posts there because.....politics isn't all that funny. hell...I still see "let's go Brandon" out there, and that "funny" comment is over two years old. "Funny" memes about gas over $5 aren't as funny with gas is back around $3. There are boatloads of political posts on this board, and so far, the moderators don't seem to be deleting them. Why not start your own thread of political stuff? I mean, if you look...about the only person who posts to this thread any more is you. And the reason is - politics just ain't that funny.
O.K. K.C........I've made my point here! Mid-term elections coming up soon. I'll give this blog back to you!