AA Los Angles-Havana

Hope, the LAX-HAV segment is tucked into a three day trip in New York's FA bids for January.  It continues to MIA for a layover.  Maybe LAX or some other base gets the return?
Holy Cow!

Wonder how many flights will be awarded to AA?

I doubt there will be demand for 110 daily flights.
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Kev3188 said:
I'm curious to see what sort of market there is for any passenger flights outside of Havana....
That's what I'm wondering. Recall 10 years ago when new USA-China frequencies were made available, and everyone wanted new flights to PEK and PVG, which were strictly limited by the liberalized treaty, and all USA airlines were fighting over limited numbers. There are still plenty of unallocated frequencies to some second-tier Chinese cities and, IIRC, flights between the USA and third-tier Chinese cities are basically already open-skies, as there aren't limits on flights to third-tier destinations.

My guess is that we see a similar reaction here where AA, DL, UA, B6, NK and WN will fight over the 20 daily flights to HAV and the other 90 flights to the nine second-tier Cuban cities won't attract much attention.

I think I read somewhere that HAV is too small and over-crowded as it is (decades of failed Communism-policies resulting in very little investment in HAV infrastructure), so perhaps that will make some of those other nine cities moderately attractive.

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