AA Targets Agents with new promotion


Aug 20, 2002
American Airlines Offers 500 AAdvantage® Bonus Miles With Flight Check-In On AA.com
FORT WORTH, Texas, Mar 03, 2003 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --
The latest American Airlines online enhancement, Flight Check-In on AA.com, is helping to speed passengers through the airport. And from now through June 30, 2003, customers who use this feature will earn a one-time bonus of 500 AAdvantage miles.
Flight Check-In on AA.com has expanded self-service convenience beyond the airport and into customers'' homes and offices, said Rob Friedman, managing director, Interactive Marketing at American Airlines. Today, customers traveling with domestic electronic tickets can check-in and print their boarding passes from the convenience of their homes, offices or anywhere they have access to the Internet and a printer. And, to encourage our customers to try this added convenience, every user will earn a one-time bonus of 500 AAdvantage miles during this promotional period.
Customers who have used Flight Check-In on AA.com to date have applauded the ability to select seats and request certain upgrades. Flight Check-In on AA.com is available to customers beginning 12 hours prior to the scheduled flight, and up to one hour prior to departure. Customers simply log on to www.aa.com with their AAdvantage number and password, then from the Reservations tab select Flight Check-In. When arriving at the airport, customers can head straight for the security entrance with their boarding pass and a government issued photo ID. If customers have luggage, they are encouraged to use Curbside Check-In upon arrival at the airport.
What you will see is all of us PAX using this just to get the miles for that 1 time then switch back to using the agents or kiosks. I used the USAirways.com web checkin today for the first time. It doesn't display our frequent flyer number or our status. These are helpful when using the preferred security lines. Personally I don't think I'll use it ever again. It's kinda tacky to have to hand that paper with your E-ticket on it and they rip off the seat assignment portion. RIPPED the paper then handed me my seat # !! TACKY!! LOL

Besides with the kiosks we get miles every time we use them. So I don't see this new checkin method being used much.

Just my opinion.

Hey Wing.........glad you liked my safety announcement in the Hooters posting

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