ALPA & Company Begin MidAtlantic Airways Contract Negotiations



Reports indicate the Company and ALPA have placed the MidAtlantic Airways (MAA) initial pilot contract on the fast track. The Mainline ALPA Restructuring Agreement (RA) requires US to recognize ALPA as the CBA agent. Once recognized the RA requires the parties to reach an accord within 60 days or an additional 60 day period will be used for facilitation, mediation, and arbitration, which is designed to reach an initial contract within 120 days.
The tentative timeline is as follows:
September 2002: Organizational meetings and proposal first drafts exchanged
September & October 2002: Direct negotiations between the parties
November 2002: Facilitation & Mediation
December 2002: Binding Arbitration
January 2003: First MAA pilot working agreement
Note – As to each open issue, the arbitrator shall select the proposal that more closely conforms to the average of Atlantic Coast, Continental Express, and Comair.
All well and good, but you've got to have the aircraft to fly. I don't see any news of US getting delivery slots with Embraer or Bombardier. Certainly US isn't stupid enough to place orders with a co-debtor - FaiDor.