MEC CODE-A-PHONE UPDATE - November 7, 2002
This is Roy Freundlich with a US Airways MEC update for Thursday, November 7:
The MEC reconvened its special meeting today in Pittsburgh and received a report from the Negotiating Committee in both open and closed sessions.
The MEC passed a resolution stating that it has determined that obtaining additional Small Jets on an expedited basis would be beneficial in generating more revenue for US Airways as well as in the creation of additional job opportunities for US Airways pilots who wish to parti****te
in the jets for jobs program.
The resolution authorizes the Negotiating Committee to engage in negotiations with the Company to discuss modification of Section 1 of the Contract and the Restructuring Agreement in order to expedite the placement of a specific number of additional Small Jets at affiliate carriers. The negotiations will include appropriate restrictions to protect the startup of MidAtlantic Airways and to assure job opportunities for US Airways pilots; and, in connection with any small jet relief, the Negotiating Committee will seek relevant job terms onsistent with the MidAtlantic code-sharing authority contained in the Restructuring Agreement.
The MEC also unanimously passed a resolution directing the Negotiating Committee and professional advisors to meet with the Company to obtain, explore and analyze the relevant facts regarding the Company''s request for additional relief, including issues as to need, amount, form and duration of relief and returns. The Negotiating Committee and professional advisors will complete this analysis and report back to the MEC with the results of this investigation and recommendations for action. After the MEC receives the report, it will make a determination whether the Negotiating Committee should engage in negotiations with management on other issues.
The MEC also received a report from the Retirement and Insurance Committee in closed session and adjourned its meeting at 7:20 this evening.