America West, Us Airways Marriage Takes Off Today


Mar 13, 2005

The Arizona Republic

America West, US Airways marriage takes off today
Union plays out on Wall Street and at Sky Harbor

Mary Jo Pitzl
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 27, 2005 12:00 AM

There was the cross-country courtship.

The four-month-long engagement.

And today, America West Airlines and US Airways are making it legal, complete with a "wedding" at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The official union will take place on Wall Street this morning, after the deal merging the two airlines and creating the nation's fifth-largest carrier closes and the new company's stock begins trading as "LCC."

But there'll be a marriage outside the America West gates as well, complete with blue-and-white tulle, flowers and a wedding singer.

On Monday afternoon, preparations for the mock wedding were the most outward sign of the pending change.

Directional signs won't change at the airport for another week, when US Airways moves its operations from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4. The planes will bear the US Airways name, but the paint jobs are being staged over the next year, so planes will continue to have the AWA logo and colors.

Airline officials felt they had to do something local to commemorate the big occasion, so they unleashed Michele Kunz and Karen Bross to work their wedding magic.

"She's a wedding planner and I'm a wedding singer," Kunz said, as the women fussed with tulle on the makeshift "wedding cart." Both are America West employees who have dabbled in wedding-related endeavors on the side.

The electric airport cart bore a sign, written in glitter letters, which announced: "Just Merged, US Airways to America West."

Fittingly, the "bride" will be America West, who will assume the name of her "groom," US Airways, when the merger is official.

On Monday, Kunz was warming up for the big event.

"Going to the airport/And we're gonna get mer-er-er-ged

Going to the airport/And we're gonna get . . . " Well, you get the idea.

Kunz, a special-needs coordinator for America West, said she'll either do an adaptation of Chapel of Love or I'm Getting Married in the Morning, from My Fair Lady.

The selection will depend on the musical capabilities of the guitar and harmonica players recruited off the Terminal 4 tarmac.

Bross, a customer-service representative who has been with America West for six years, said the wedding is a production of the airline.
Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom...I hope your marriage works better than mine! I'm still sore from the honeymoon...LOL
Thank you for the well wishes, skyliner. It still boggles my mind that AA was permitted to do to your airline what Piedmont did with Empire.

From our dysfunctional family to yours, we wish you all the best.

Three cheers to the TWA family!
I'm in school at CLT Training Center, had a big deal here today as did the hangar.
It was packed and Cactus (I think res) folks were there too.
All in all, was a very good occasion, even the weather was perfect (omen?)
The first thing we've had to celebrate in 18 years.

Thanks Doug :up:
muircross said:
I think this marriage stuff is wierd.

I happen to agree since, statistically, over 50% of them end in divorce. :eek:

That said, I surely hope for the sake of all of the hard working employees, that this works, and works extremely well.
TheLarkAscending said:
I happen to agree since, statistically, over 50% of them end in divorce. :eek:
That said, I surely hope for the sake of all of the hard working employees, that this works, and works extremely well.

Ah, but the other 50% is what I am hoping for! The glass is half full, not half empty. I guess I am an optimist!
Some people are waaaaay to serious. Goodness. I think all the celebrations were fantastic even if we DO work for an AIRLINE. :up:
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More Media reports on the HP/US "Marriage/Merger" Airport Celebrations

Below are several brief excerpts for Day 1 Merger celebrations at various stations! :)


Airline merger celebrated
Local US Airways operation 'dances' into a new day as America West deal takes hold


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It was song and dance day yesterday at Richmond International Airport.

"Hey, you want to go dancing?" a US Airways pilot called to a ticket agent in evening wear. "Why go to work today?"

"Hey big boy!" replied agent Donna Peele, resplendent in a sparkling gold evening gown.

"Let the Dance Begin," a sign declared. "America West and US Airways."

Adonis Campbell is checked in at the US Airways ticket counter by Donna Peele in her celebratory gold evening dress.

The white Christmas lights on the counter, the cinematic images of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and the cardboard-cutout cameras were part of a management-approved costume ball letting travelers know that US Airways' merger with America West became official yesterday.


US Airways celebrating

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

With images of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers posted behind them, Richmond-based employees of US Airways staged a cinematically themed celebration today of their merger with America West and the carrier's emergence from bankruptcy protection.




Groomed For Revival

By TED JACKOVICS [email protected]

Published: Sep 28, 2005

TAMPA - The five-month courtship between US Airways and America West was consummated Tuesday in a merger that created the nation's fifth-largest airline and -- for the time being -- one of the airline industry's biggest comeback stories.

Employees in the new airline, called US Airways and based at the former America's West's hometown of Tempe, Ariz., decorated ticket counters at Tampa International Airport and elsewhere with wedding cakes and birth announcements to symbolize the occasion.




Something old is new again as merged US Airways debuts

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

By Dan Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The union of US Airways and America West, billed as the nation's largest full-service, low-cost airline, began yesterday with airport celebrations across the country, including free cake and a marching band at Pittsburgh International.


Darrell Sapp, Post-Gazette
Carol Marchett, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, and James Lawson, as a stork, roam through the Airside Terminal yesterday at Pittsburgh International Airport. The two were celebrating the union of US Airways and America West.




New Day for US Airways

US Airways emerged from bankruptcy Tuesday as a changed airline, merged with another carrier America West.

It was a day of high hopes for employees and passengers as the new US Airways takes off. The airline at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton airport threw a Survivor party to celebrate the news.

The employees were calling themselves survivors. A year ago experts predicted the end of US Airways, the largest carrier at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton airport.

Now, after big wage and benefit cuts and the merger with America West, many see reason to celebrate.


Local workers mark airline’s turning point

The Times-Tribune

Local employees of US Airways will give out donuts and cake to air travelers today in celebration of the carrier’s exit from federal bankruptcy protection and merger with America West Airlines.

Employees have decorated a table in an island theme in the passenger area of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, employee Meg Horger said. Employees around the country are staging similar celebrations in a competition for an office makeover.




Union of AmWest, US Airways begins festively

Stephanie Paterik and Dawn Gilbertson
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 27, 2005 11:50 AM

The bride and groom made it to the altar today as America West Airlines and US Airways began merged operations.

The atmosphere at Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the hub of America West operations, was festive. Customer service representatives wore white veils, and balloons and banners decorated the terminal.




US Airways hubs put on party hats
Cities celebrate merger, aid travelers

Mary Jo Pitzl

The Arizona Republic
Sept. 28, 2005 12:00 AM

It was business as usual, with a dash of fun thrown in, as other hub cities for the new US Airways celebrated the merger Tuesday. with America West Airlines.

In Charlotte, N.C., employees donned costumes and enjoyed a dunk tank and a cookout on the tarmac ramp.

A costumed "Queen Charlotte," depicting the city's namesake, even made an appearance at the Charlotte airport.


Bride Susan Ezzell, an America West supervisor, laughs during her mock wedding to groom Paul DaSilva (far left), a US Airways pilot, near the American West ticket counter in Terminal 4 Tuesday to mark the merger.
Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic

In Pittsburgh, another key US Airways hub, a steel-drum band from a local high school greeted morning travelers, who were served cake and coffee in celebration of the merger.

Festivities aside, flights arrived and departed as usual at the busy airports.

But today, the America West ticket counters were scheduled to close, with operations moving to the US Airways counters. Airport volunteers would be on hand to guide any travelers confused about the merged airlines, she said.

In Philadelphia, a top airline official was flipping burgers at an employee celebration. Anthony Mulé, senior vice president for customer relations, manned the grill as the busy hub (453 departures daily) marked the new era for US Airways.

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, a key America West hub, reported smooth operations along with employee frivolity.

McCarran handles 116 daily departures of the new airline, 107 of them are from former America West, while nine are from US Airways, said Debbie Millett, an airport spokesman.