American Airlines Flight 62: A Terrorist Probe?


Feb 14, 2006
Denver, Colorado
I do not know the validity of this story, but it's worth reading:

The following is an email I received detailing a “serious probeâ€￾ on board American Airlines flight 62 traveling from Paris to Miami. The information comes to me second-hand — from a trusted source in the field. American Airlines spokesman John Hotard confirmed the incident on flight 62 with me, stating “there was a disturbance on board, it was handled by crew.â€￾ I asked Mr. Hotard the status of the men who were detained by FBI. Hotard told me “for security reasons, I can’t comment further.â€￾
First problem with the story is that 62 flies Miami to Paris. If AA had a made a statement, I am sure they would have gotten that important fact right off.
A further problem with the story is that Annie Jacobsen is behind it - for those unfamiliar with her, she's a complete nutcase.