AMFA Facility Maintenance Negotiations


May 29, 2014
So the latest update from AMFA (on their website and limited social media) does not list any member observers as having attended. I guess that never ending AMFA guarantee of having members present holds no water when it's legally NOT guaranteed unless the company agrees (and they never will.)
Now, since their current top base pay is LESS than TWU ramp agents at that airline, one would think the new rate they would strive for would be at least equal to the current Association rate which would mean a $20+ an hour raise. Sounds attainable no? And at least the same 401k rate/match of the Association no? I mean, a mechanic is a mechanic, right Brothers? They deserve more than bag smashers right?
New update out for SWA FMT’s. AMFA has set a new industry standard. They have just reached a TA to get those members a whopping $25 per month for their cell phone use for a future full agreement.

Wow when AMFA hits Homeruns they really drive them out of the park. $25 a Month. Bravo 👏 AMFA, Bravo.