AMR Shares Soar on Cost Cut Plan

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When is a 17% gain in this sector/ this market not SOARING---when you paid more for the same shares? ;-)
After that 66 cent share increase yesterday, today after only half a day of trading, it has fallen again by 62 cents, or nearly 13%

Somebody call marketing and suggest a name change to Titanic Airlines
Guess you didn't look at the rest of the industry...

As of the close:

Symbol Last Change Today:
DAL 8.56 -2.94 -25.57%
UAL 2.41 -0.53 -18.03%
ALK 17.31 -2.55 -12.84%
AMR 4.25 -0.61 -12.55%
AWA 1.34 -0.15 -10.07%
NWAC 6.85 -0.63 -8.42%
LUV 12.69 -1.16 -8.38%
CAL 5.34 -0.46 -7.93%
AAI 2.89 -0.17 -5.56%
MESA 4.02 -0.13 -3.11%
JBLU 42.02 -0.58 -1.36%
ATAH 3.22 +0.16 +5.23%

DAL took a biggest drop at 25% (based on a SEC filing forecasting their 3Q loss and announcing a restructuring of bond convenants).

To put that in perspective a bit, DAL and ALK both lost more (2.94 and 2.55) than what a share of UAL is worth (2.41)...

UAL is now less than the price of a Happy Meal before tax, and AWA is less than a gallon of unleaded in Fort Worth...

Only ATA bucked the trend, and that was because they got a conditional OK on their ATSB loan.

eolesen, check it again. Delta closed at 13.15 today.

Sep. 27, 2002 Market Closed
8% NOTES Market : NYSE
Last Sale: $ 13.15 Net Change: 2.15 14.05%
Share Volume: 151,800 Previous Close: $ 15.30
Today's High: $ 15.25 Today's Low: $ 12.76
Best Bid: N/A Best Ask: N/A
52 week high: $ 24.70 52 Week Low: $ 13.55
P/E Ratio: N/A Total Shares Outstanding: 20,000,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS): N/A Market Cap: $ 263,000,000

BOOMER: By all means, go for it. Caveat Emptor!

Now, if every AA employee would just buy ten shares on the open market......
I may not agree with all of your opinions regarding the Compaany, but I like your enthusiasm.
eolesen, check it again. Delta closed at 13.15 today.

Sep. 27, 2002 Market Closed

No, DNT closed at 13.15 -- DAL closed at 8.69 and is the symbol for the common shares. Some corporations do have more than one trading symbol if there are different classes of stock on the market....

AAR (AMR Corp's other symbol) closed at 11.05 today, but was only down 12.3% (compared to 12.5% for AMR)
Now you're just getting rediculous. AAR Stock has only two holders, both of them investment funds. AAR is AA's preferred stock and is not necessarily traded on the open market. AA's publicly traded stock is under the symbol AMR and is the stock that 99.999% of investors are concerned about. The majority stock holder in AAR is Dain Rauscher Corp., which is basically a holdings company set up in the USA to front foreign investors in U.S. markets. Dain Rauscher Corp., is a wholly owned subsidiary of....The Royal Bank of Canada.

The same rings true for Delta DNT/DAL, the only difference being that most of Delta's board of directors and executive level management are invested in DAL vs. DNT. I call both of these mirror stocks slush funds.
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