An honest question:


Mar 9, 2012
I must honestly ask of all liberals the following: WHY and even HOW could it even possibly be at ALL a "good idea" to both import and pay for thousands of muslims at this point in time?...Or even EVER? That's truly an honest question, so what's the response?


Jan 22, 2008
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Their argument is everyone in the U.S. Immigrated here, in one form or another.
Problem is, back in the past there were no government subsidies, handouts and med care.
You stood on your own 2 feet and made the best of living in the U.S. and could do or be anything you wanted!
Nowadays, its expected to be given to those without and taken from those who have stood on their own 2 feet and EARNED it!

Bernie "Stalin" Sanders...."First thing I do is raise taxes in order to give people free stuff! "

Average federal debt, owed by the American Taxpayer, over the last 7 years is $70,000.
Which just happens to coincide with the current POTUS term in office.....hmmmm
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