APFA webcast april 9 with negotiators.

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
The APFA will be conducting base meetings at all bases on Wednesday, April 9. The meeting will be a live web cast, with Negotiators in Dallas/Fort Worth coming to your base live, via the web, to explain the terms of the Company''s proposal.

ST. Louis, Holiday Inn Airport North
Chicago, Four points Sheraton Hotel
Los Angelas, Manhatten Beach Marriott
San Francisco, Hyatt Regency SFO airport
Miami, Radisson Center
Raleigh, Marriott Crabtree Valley
Washington, Crystal City Marriott
Dallas, Marriott North
Boston, Hilton Airport
New York, Ramada Plaza Hotel

Starts at 12pm CST

See you all at the Radisson Center.
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Dont forget April 09, 12pm CST. This is a chance to hear from those who were there, what happened and why.
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TODAY, 12pm CST. take the time to hear what the negotiating team has to say.
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This afternoons attempts at a simultaneous web cast. Should be available in some form on the APFA site tonight.