Are the doors slowly closing???


Sep 27, 2002
A few months ago I posted a note saying I didn''t think the airline would make it till spring. If one was to believe all the pilot talk you could bet I was right. Don''t be fooled by all the pilot threats, they are just setting the stage to settle this thing. In the end there is no doubt in my mind that the company will freeze their pension plan just like all the others and ALPA will walk away feeling like they won one against Dave and Jerry. Chip has now joined the ALPA staging plan on this discussion board.
IMHO...Chip is increasing the anger of the labor groups toward one another and that is a real shame. Jerry and Dave are no doubt loving it. It could lead to the destruction of many lives and the end to a great airline. Good Luck to all of you, as one member says, We are going to need it.
Last one out, turn off the light, the bulb is getting dimmer.
Thanks for the memories !!!!


Aug 20, 2002
In my opinon, the dorrs arent shutting and either the deal stansa as is or they will work out a deal. Again i believe these are all battles in the big war between labor and management. They are winning the battles however the the war will be won by labor when things return to normal. Management will regret it has again fostered mistrust from its employees, and quality as well as the number of employees have no loyality to this company will sky rocket from its already high numbers... This isnt just a Usairways problem, this is a national corporate trend and in the end productivity by americanc and its quality will plumett. JUST MY THOUGHT YOURE WELCOME TO THEM !


Sep 17, 2002

Bingo on the "trust". I thought Dave was different. Call me foolish but I really thought he was. Now I know he isn't. The 35 mill. thing is what corporate America has become. We will work out the pension thing IF they want it worked out. The ball is in Dave's court. We are reasonable people even in the face of immoral, corporate leaders who portray themselves as "labor freindly" and then shower the guys that took us into this mess with cash that could have helped us through the C11 mine field.

Dave must go. There is no way this guy can run this company with what has just been exposed. And we will work tirelessly to make sure that happens once we get out of C11. As well as firing any BOD member who was sitting on the board when that 35 mill. payment was approved.

It is time for the employees to put moral people in charge who will bring us to where we should be. Dave can't do it. He has no morals. No ethics. I don' want a child like that running the company I work for. No way. He must go.



Aug 20, 2002
I've always suspected Siegel was basically "Frank Lorenzo With A Human Face."

Smoothtalking, expressing great angst at the sacrifice he requests, all the while going along with the same old corporate skullduggery in the Crystal Palace.



Aug 21, 2002
I wouldn't be concerned with Dave sticking around after U leaving BK. His reputation for quick BK turnaround will be his ticket to any company in that condition and his price will be high, he has Wolf/Gangwal as an example.


Oct 29, 2002
On 2/26/2003 8:45:18 AM airknocker wrote:

I wouldn't be concerned with Dave sticking around after U leaving BK. His reputation for quick BK turnaround will be his ticket to any company in that condition and his price will be high, he has Wolf/Gangwal as an example.
check seigels bio and one thing he doesn't do is stick around anyone place very us emerge and see him leave then wolfe will become once again in a 'managerial'capacity.that is if he isn't playing golf on the fed white collar correctional institution golf course.


Sep 3, 2002
Cone on guys - the folks who write the obituaries and the histories are in bed with the likes of Mr. Siegel - he will be the hero that (almost) conquered those pesky unions.

Unless you can get Michael Moore to make a movie about it.


Aug 27, 2002
I never trusted "shiftyeyed" Siegal.He never suprised me with any thing he has done.From the moment he got here,all he has done is cut,cut and cut.I'm not saying it did'nt need to be done, but anyone could have done that.The pilots were taken in by his BS.Worshiped him as the airline savior.Now look at them.As far as us making it,theres not a chance in ####.We're still loosing 4 mil. a day,with or without the pension being resolved.Thats 1.4 billion a year at current daily loss.Theres no way.Good luck everyone.