B6 Pulling Out Of LGB-SLC in June

LGB-SLC is probably part placeholder and part to get the res folks in SLC out of town on more than one flight per day.

It sounds like LGB is continuing to take its intended shape: primarily lucrative long hauls. This will make 6 daily nonstops to JFK and 3 to IAD... so far.
B6 appears to be pulling out of LGB-SLC on June 25th.
Also noticed that LGB-LAS is losing the afternoon flight on May 1, leaving only two flights in the market. Another LGB-IAD is taking its place.
I flew on B6 r/t from LAS-LGB right after they first started servive into LAS and they had 5 flights a day to LGB. It will now go down to 2, ouch. I will probably go back to using LAX or SNA, darn.
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 1/23/2003 4:38:11 PM Jeff G wrote:
[P]LGB-SLC is probably part placeholder and part to get the res folks in SLC out of town on more than one flight per day.[BR]---------------[/P][/BLOCKQUOTE]
[P]That is exactly what it was, a "slot holder", just like several of the LGB-LAS flights and also LGB-OAK. An extended family member works for B6 and I was told when they started that service not to get used to it, it would be gone in a year to 18 months. In order to satisfy "use 'em or lose 'em" slot requirements in LGB they had to do a number of short turns per day because of lack of aircraft. As more A-320's arrived they would be able to satisfy the slot requirements by putting on the longer flights they had originally intended.[BR][BR]Look for LGB-FLL in the near future and other long-haul enhancements.[BR][/P]
So, my understanding is that jetBlue still has 23 slots at LGB after the 4 that were ceded to AA. With 6 daily trips to both OAK and JFK, 3 to IAD, and 2 to LAS, that's a total of 17 slots used (and currently 19 are in use). Is there now less pressure to hold on to the slots?
Perhaps they want to add FLL, SEA, DEN and other cities in the future.

And increase frequencies on existing LGB routes.

Just spoke to my son who attended the JetBlue third anniversary dinner in SLC last night. He said that Mr. Neeleman made several announcements, one of which was that they have reconsidered and that SLC-LGB would continue on, same schedule, indefinitely.
I was at the 3 Celebration in NYC and Dave Barger (our President and COO) actually made the announcement in SLC. He actually said, "The SLC-LGB route is on the schedule until September." You could read between the lines that it will be reevaluated at that time. The announcement was well received by the jetBlue folks who work in SLC.