BaRack, Worst President Since WWII

Dog Wonder said:
Why would you be careful for what you didn't wish for?
Because "You" refers to anyone else reading. I think it safe to say that even Stevie Wonder could see I'm no fan of the Liar In Chief
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Has BaRack seen this..........wait! Forgot, there's no youtube on the back 9!
southwind said:
Maybe BaRack should stay in his office more.
no no no no
i want him and congress to take as many vacations as they want...
when they are on vacation they arent screwing with us... 
Dog Wonder said:
He plays golf on vacation, you spend weekends watching Fox News replays on Youtube.
Actually that's how the President improves his golf game.  He watches the continuous loop replays on Fox News and see where he can improve his swing. ;)