Things That Make You Go.........Brahahaw............


Jan 22, 2008
George W. Bush back in favor? His ratings make a surprising jump!

The more time and distance between former President George W. Bush and Washington, D.C., the better he is seen by Americans. Or can it be the more the country sees of his successor, President Obama, the more they value what he once brought to the table?
In a Gallup poll released Tuesday, Bush currently stands with a favorability rating of 49 percent, compared to 46 percent who see him unfavorably, while a separate Gallup poll has Obama with only a 47 percent approval rating, with 44 percent disapproving, as reported by


As I'm sure , as more time passes, BaRack will surpass Carter as worst POTUS ever !

Maybe it's time for the Anointed One to walk on water !