Best Place to Buy


Jul 14, 2011
I am not a frequent flyer I fly about 1-2 times a year from Atlanta, Georgia to Bogota, Colomba. I am currently in Colombia about to purchase a ticket to return to Atlanta (first week of August) (I did not buy a round trip ticket because I did not know when I would return home). However my question is where can I buy the cheapest one way ticket? I was searching on some sites ie: orbitz, travelocity, and I found some good rates to Miami via Spirit Airlines, then I looked at Airtran to buy a ticket from Miami to Atlanta, however doing all of that after baggage charges for Airtran I would only save 20$. My question is, Is there any non advertised location to purchase airfare for less or are there any secrets to getting a better deal?
Unfortunately, round-trip tickets are always cheaper than two one-way tickets. You can pay a bit more in the future and not buy a change-restricted roundtrip; so, you can state a return date, but change it if you need to without major problems.