Big Delay in M Dee A


Aug 20, 2002
ALPA Code-a-phone for the mainline pilot suggested a very late 2003 to 2004 startup date for MidAtlantic now. Was curious if the reason was
A) Financing
B) Certification
C) Aircraft delivery
D) All of the above.
It would be nice to know why, with Midway a huge maybey, Mesa a small maybey, and the wholly owneds a who knows it is getting difficult to see where things are headed
The company also announced a further furlough of 326 pilots on Jan 07 with an additional furlough of 145 in the Jan thru Apr time frame. This is well above the 250 that they anticipated in the November bid. For those interested, the bottom working pilot in Jan will be seniority number 4160 and if the anticipated further furlough occurs 4008.
Apparently Dave Siegel has hinted (according to other posts) that there will be big RJ/SJ news in the coming weeks. However, I also understand that financing (at least for MDA and the WO's) is not available until U emerges from Chapter 11. With the current shortfall on the revenue side (and no end in sight) and the announcement of further cuts and concessions needed, can we confidently expect the timetable to remain intact?
Also, the ERJ-170/175, which seems to be the current front runner for MDA, is not due for final certification until 2Q 2003; I would expect production and deliveries, not to mention training, proving runs, and associated logistics to push any startup date well into late 2003. Unless another available aircraft type (CRJ-700?) is chosen, it will be another year before U can mount any effective counterattack against the already active fleets of RJs other carriers are using to encroach on our markets.
Deployment of 37-50 seat SJs at the WOs could be done at any time, unless the financing issue mentioned above is correct. This leaves only the contract carriers, who (except maybe MESA) seem not to be interested in J4J.
So, exactly what is the current plan for the aircraft that are supposed to be the savior of our company? Anybody have any guesses? I'm sitting here with 17 years invested at a WO, and don't yet see much light at the end of the tunnel.....
I will be shocked and amazed if any of the wholly-owneds survive Dave's labor-friendly restructuring.

Dave:I'm going to ask you all to take massive cuts in your pay and benefits.

I'm going lay off over 30% of you a little bit at a time -- just to keep you on your toes.

I'm going to promise that I wont take any more and then I'm going to ask if you would mind if I take your retirement anyway.

I'm going to promise you a soft-landing at a Jets4Jobs carriers, but in reality Jets4Jobs is just a myth.

I'm going to continue to delay it until most of you have forgotten about it and then we'll just outsource the whole bag to Mesa.

Labor: Whats so labor friendly about THAT?

Dave: Well I SAID you could call me Dave didnt I? See my smile? See how friendly I am?
What if Dave just brought the first wholly-owned out of bankruptcy that had all groups agree on concessions? Could they then use that as a catalyst for the financing for RJ's?
Whats wrong with merging the WO together and negoitiate to swap existing prop planes for RJ's.
WHY could they not swap out the planes that U does not need or want now and get RJ' in stead..