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Aviation Daily reported today that EMB-170 launch customer Swiss International Air Lines will not take delivery of its first EMB-170 RJ until the second quarter following Embraer’s announcement last week of delivery delays. The European airline has six additional delivery positions, but there are reports the company is negotiating delivery deferrals.
A Swiss spokesman said rumors regarding RJ aircraft delivery deferrals was speculation, although the company said, “Capital markets have collapsed completely and loans are difficult to get,â€￾ Aviation Daily reported.
The EMB-170 is considered a likely aircraft for MidAtlantic Airways and GECAS holds 50 firm orders and 78 options on the new generation RJ. Reports indicate GECAS has agreed to provide US Airways with RJ financing, although its unclear if a definitive agreement has been reached.
In a weekly recorded message to employees, Mesa Air Group chief executive officer Jonathan Ornstein told employees the airline has concluded negotiations with US Airways for additional small-jet flying and management would enter into (J4J) negotiations with the employee groups in the near future. To listen to this message call 877-637-2236 (877-MESA-CEO).
A few points.

I found it interesting that the EMJ-170 has had its certification delayed. It was in Aviation Daily a week or two ago. I forgot what the cause was. Anyhow, that may likely delay any MDA startup if the plan is to go with EMB-170s. The issue of GECAS's orders is not irrelevant unless GECAS decides it wants the early delivery slots.

I have now heard conflicting reports on Mesa. First, somebody said that US was maxed out at 70 RJs. Now, I'm hearing that US is NOT maxed out and can accept RJs up to the 70 point. So, which is it?

Finally, does anybody think that there is a chance of another RJ carrier (other than Midway) accepting J4J? I don't hear much about TSA anymore and Mesa seems imbroiled in its dispute over Freedom Air.
[FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]The ALPA Restructuring Agreement (RA) authorizes up to 465 RJs.

Large RJs have greater than 50 seats and must be flown at MidAtlantic. The RA specifically discusses the EMB-170 & EMB-175 aircraft in this category.

Medium RJs seat between 45 & 50 passengers and can be flown with the following restrictions:

- The first group of up to 70 Medium RJs may continue to be placed at any carrier under the terms of existing Section One of LOA 79 of the Agreement.

- The next group of 70 Medium RJs may be placed at any J4J Participating Affiliate or Wholly-Owned carriers.

Additional Medium RJs (i.e., those not placed under either of the two foregoing bullet points) will be placed at MidAtlantic Airways.

Small RJs have 44 seats or less aircraft and they may be placed at MidAtlantic, Participating Wholly-Owned carriers, and Participating Affilaite carriers.

Only those carriers who participate in J4J will be permitted expanded RJ flying and up to this point, only PSA, Midway, MidAtlantic have reached J4J agreements.

Chip [/FONT][/P]
Are erj-145's still in production? Could those step-in as intermediaries for MDA and it's -170.....swap them out one-for-one as -170' come on line.....just a thought.....
I heard that CC Air is, yet again, working on a new contract so they can fly RJs for US Airways. From what I have heard, they will include J4J in their contract. This would fall under Mesa RJ flying, and would allow them to continue flying jets for US Airways. I would think they can leave out 90 seat RJ rates of pay, since they will never be flying them for US Airways
The offer from CCAir MGMT is to add an LOA to the current contract (signed in 1998), not a new contract. The only thing on the LOA would be the J4J. The current contract has jet rates from 1998 in it. ALPA will put HUGE pressure on the CCAir MEC not to agree to the LOA. They are pushing hard for one list at the MAG. This of course would mean the end of CCair, but ALPA is all about the MONEY!

Other airlines have Scope agreements that limit the amount of RJ flying. As airlines downsize their mainline operations they must bring down their RJ flying as well.

One carrier this is affecting is AMR and AMR Eagle as well as others.

Reports indicate this will provide those carriers who participate in J4J and MDA additional delivery positions. However, MDA cannot begin operations until US emerges early next year.

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[P class=MsoFooter][FONT color=#000000][FONT size=3][FONT face=Times New Roman][SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]The MidAtlantic Airways Negotiating Committee has been meeting in [/SPAN][ST1:CITY][ST1:pLACE][SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]Pittsburgh[/SPAN][/ST1:pLACE] [/ST1:CITY][SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]this week to prepare for negotiations with MDA management, scheduled for tomorrow, October 3.[SPAN style=mso-spacerun: yes] [/SPAN]The Committee met with members of the [/SPAN][ST1:pERSONNAME][SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]MEC[/SPAN][/ST1:pERSONNAME] [SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]Training Committee week to discuss ALPA's proposal on Training, as well as the [/SPAN][ST1:pERSONNAME][SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]MEC[/SPAN][/ST1:pERSONNAME] [SPAN style=FONT-SIZE: 11pt]Negotiating Committee to discuss Restructuring Agreement issues such as flow through and seniority.[SPAN style=mso-spacerun: yes] [/SPAN][O:p][/O:p][/SPAN][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/P][/FONT][/FONT]