Boeing Knew about 737MAX problem for a year before notifying FAA or airlines


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX

Boeing alerted FAA of problem following Lion Air crash. This is getting messier by the day. Hope Boeing has some top-notch lawyers. This sounds expensive.

"Boeing says it discussed the indicator problem at that point with the Federal Aviation Administration — a year after the company knew about the problem. The company then convened another safety review, which concluded once again that the absence of the alert was not a safety issue. It shared the analysis with the FAA.

The FAA said in a statement that its review board "determined the issue to be 'low risk' and would be required to be a part of Boeing's overall enhancement announced after the Lion Air [crash]. However, Boeing's timely or earlier communication with the operators would have helped to reduce or eliminate possible confusion."

As with initial certification of aircraft I wonder if FAA review board and Boeing safety review board consisted of same people who just happened to be Boeing employees.
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I used to say if it ain't Boeing, I ain't going. But it looks like they are putting profits uber alles. I guess what they are referring to is making the previously "optional" safety system standard. A few years ago there was an Al Jareza documentary on the 787. One of the workers in the South Carolina plant was quoted "We don't build these things to fly, we build them to sell". Maybe there was some truth to that.

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