Boeing should build a 767X

Bears, Embraer has scrapped the plan for the E-195X. Customer concern over expected degradation of range. The plan had been to simply make the 195 longer. Evidently, that wasn't the right answer.

Besides, the goal of a 767X would be a range longer than the E-195 can do and a passenger capacity in excess of 200--not even close with the 195. Also, have it available to the market in a matter of months, not years.
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After everything Boeing is going thru on the Max, I'd think that trying to do anything else on a supplemental type certificate would be rejected outright by the Feds.
Thanks for the input. I was surprised at the lack of response to the original post. The 767 was a popular airplane with passengers and flight attendants and assuming Fed green light could be available in a matter of months.