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Hello, all.

Just found this forum through Google search regarding the Amex Delta Platinum(w/Companion Ticket. My Mom wants to meet her grandson) that I'm interested in, and then I come across buddy passes.

This is probably a little bit of a different story. But, to make a long story short. My four-year-old son lives in Chico, CA & I live in Louisville, KY. Basically his Mom left while she was pregnant & moved to California(we were not married) and I have been fighting tooth and nail to be in his life. Lawyer fees, working OT to pay for tickets/hotel/rental car. The court did rule her as the move-away parent so she does have to reimburse 50% of air travel, but she has been getting away with not paying me back.

How are buddy passes obtained? Do you have to know someone that works at Delta?

Also, if you have any other tips on how to cut on airfare I'm all ears.

Thank you!

Thanks for the laugh...:confused:
No airline employee (who is sane) would ever give a buddy pass to anyone they do not know. As an employee I am personally responsible for the behavior of anyone traveling on a buddy pass I have given to them. And, to sell a buddy pass to someone is a termination offense at most airlines.
Your best bet is to look into the ultra-low cost (ULCC) airlines, such as Spirit and Allegiant. The travel experience may not be the best, but it would be cheaper. Also, watch for those ads that say things like "Fly to LA for $79!" These are travel wholesalers who buy last minute empty seats from the airlines. If you can travel on a moment's notice, these could be a solution for you.
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As an airline employee do you get free airline flights?

I work full time at Managed Service Provider as a Cisco Engineer (work from home, so I can travel) , but might consider a part time job at an airline if that is a perk.
Yes, I get free airline flights as an employee, but that is referred to as NRSA--Non-Revenue Space Available. Space Available is the operative phrase here. If a revenue passenger walks up at the last minute and takes the last available seat, I do not get on the flight. (Well, I do. I get to sit in a flight attendant jumpseat if there's an empty one, but as a flight attendant, I'm a special case.)

I am not familiar with the availability of part-time employment with the airlines. Most of those jobs (such as gate agent at smaller airports with few flights) were eliminated after 9/11, and are now performed by employees of contract companies. Contract employees do not get travel privileges on the airlines they work for.
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Just FYI then, don't waste your time trying to interview with Sabre. American sold Sabre to an outside company several years ago. And, it shows. When I started in the IT field in 1979, American Airlines Sabre was the gold standard for corporate data processing. Not anymore.
Please delete this thread. A member thinks this personal situation I'm going through is funny & I don't think it's funny at all.

I've been through a lot to be apart of my son's life. And I'm simply looking for cheaper ways to travel the 2,000 miles to see him.
My sincere apologies.
We get so many trolls here that I can be insensitive at times.
JimInTexas has given you very good advice.
I don't know about Delta, but United outsources most all of their IT work, along with much everything else.
The 'airline job' of old is now a myth.
I have been jaded by the 'good old days' that will never come back.
I, personally, hate flying today and would rather drive if I have the time.
I sat in the middle row seat, economy, of a 777 (seat E of a 2x5x2 config,) overseas a few times, I hated it and I was flying on company business.
Good Luck to you, but I would weigh the costs of a cheap seat before changing my career looking for the 'elusive' cheap flights (which are company policy that can be changed/terminated at any time).

Since you live in SDF, thats a plus. Example. Check out DGS. Thats Delta Global Services. They pay (most recently) $12 a hour. No bennies, except for free flying on DL.

Go to deltaglobalaviation.com. They hire frequently in CVG, AND there was " A " job posted in SDF.
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Archie now that RA is running Amtrak maybe DGS will come and take Union jobs at South Station, Back Bay Station, Route 128 as a pilot with the ok from Gov Baker. The Amtrak unions are social fraternities compared to your counterparts in Germany, Japan or the U.K. where they can shut everything down and enjoy rich CBAs and job protection Amtrak unions can only dream of!


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