China-US Talks on Air Service Expected


Nov 15, 2005
China and the United States are expected to start a new round of talks on expansion of air services between the two countries this month, a senior US airline official said.

The talks, regarding the expansion of civil aviation rights, will take place this month, Athar Khan, managing director for the Asia Pacific region of American Airlines, said during a recent interview.

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, the nation's industry regulator, would not confirm the information.

However, Khan said, the talks are expected to allow one more US carrier to fly to China next year although he admitted he could not be specific.

"I wish I had details, as well, but it remains a secret as the conversations are to be held between the two governments," he said.

China and the United States signed an agreement in July 2004 to allow the number of weekly return flights between the countries to increase from 54 to 249 by 2010. It also allows five additional airlines from each country to serve the US-China market.