Chip give us some insite on express cities


Jan 11, 2003
Can someone with access to US’s highest levels of senior management, namely Chip Munn, shed some light about the 17 cities slated for the express classification. Which will be converted first and please predict a time frame. Thanks in advance!
ISN, the company will not release this information for competitive reasons.

The latest hotmail I got from the IAM said the new agreement puts the ability of mainline agents to maintain mainline positions at risk.

Interestingly, they and the company denied that (officially) prior to the vote.
I got that from the IAM, at a level that ought to know what they're talking about. When they asked to company how many stations were going to be 'expressed', the company started out with six. Later amended it to 17. No locations or timetables were given.
The company wont give this information out. They would prefer not to spoil the element of suprise.
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I heard rumor that any station within 250 miles of a major hub will go express, unless it can support local traffic.