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Aug 19, 2002
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See-Pilot Pension Issue - Just the Facts


Jan 20, 2003
With all due respect. I have been reading these message boards for quite some time now. I, as many, am usually a reader and not a poster per say. You have been, for the most part, very informative in the past but I must say the last bit you posted really tugged at my hart strings (sarcasm). You are telling everyone here that the average Pilot pay cut 46% is represented by the $$ figure of $138000 on average. Hummmm so in other words the average pilot
to make approximetly $140000 in pay and benefits for working 80 hours per month. Keeping in mind that Pilots represent 30% of the payroll??? Correct me if I am wrong. Now that other groups like the Customer Service workers and the likes, because they represent 70% of the payroll, some of whom can barely support their families and continue to work here because of their dedication and love of the job. Cuse it aint the money we here for!! I don''t think we are comparing apples to apples my friend! If I had to take a pay cut of 46% and still came of the deal making even $100000 I would be pretty happy. It is all relative!! However, there is a cutoff point. It is obviously much easier to live and support a family on $140000 than $20000.
It gets very frustrating to read all this stuff on this board that is made up of turds or c r a p when you have a great group of employees who just want to do their job, keep their job and get along. This is a difficult time for everyone! Pilots, Mechanics, FAs, Customer Service, etc.... We are in this together and we will persevere together. This is the only way we will survive! Together. In our jobs we rely heavily on one another. Not one group can do it without the other!
You say that ALPA is pragmatic? I have to sometimes wonder. How pragmatic is ALPA''s answer to this question. Some pension is better than no pension. More importantly.... Will they cut off their nose to spite their face??
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