CMH statitistics for Sep 2002

Aug 21, 2002
or and navigate your way.
45.56% increase in passenger traffic for AWA Sep 02 from Sep 01 at Port Columbus. UAL and AA fared a bit better. Air Canada Jazz nudged behind AWA. Let''s look at this and discuss... and I DON''T mean on the Yahoo message board!!! Here we will discuss this.
I need to look at it some more, myself.
Also take a gander at this document from Port Columbus (Word format):
I think it's really hard to tell anything useful from the YOY September stats, due to the aftermath of the 9/11/01 attacks.
yeah...Admittedly the 2001 stats for Sept. and Octr. are out of whack because of 9/11...Still it's encouraging to see Columbus looking strong..AWA could sure use the help..