Colin Powell’s Obama endorsement


Dec 28, 2009
SanFranFreako, KommieFornia
Why Colin Powell’s Obama endorsement matters

Powell probably doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Obama on everything, but the general is still a leading indicator that the President is a better choice for centrists than “Old Moderate Mitt”— calling Romney’s foreign policy outlook “a moving target” and questioning Romney’s “plan” to cut taxes while also increasing defense spending.

And as a general, after Monday’s foreign policy debate in which Romney glommed onto Obama’s hawkish war policy while simultaneously serving up pageant-worthy platitudes like “we want a peaceful planet,” there really wasn’t much of a choice for Powell between Obama — who reintroduced the “speak softly and carry a big stick” doctrine — and Romney, whose war stance seems to be “speak one notch louder and carry a stick of as-yet-undetermined size.”

Saying that “I’m a Republican of a more moderate mold and that's something of a dying breed, I'm sorry to say,” today’s GOP is becoming unrecognizable to Powell. His brand of Republicanism fits with the “compassionate conservatism” of George H.W. Bush — the President under whom Powell served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Krauthammer said the endorsement would move ten people across the country to vote for Obama.

And Powell isn't a Republican.
Does Obama appear with other fellow Democrats at any campaign stops lately?

(must be a Democrat who is up for re-election, not a retired Dem like Bill Clinton or Ted Strickland)

Personally I enjoy Obama's latest radio commercial which literally states Obama 'will stop giving money to oil companies and give it to college students instead...' ---- I want me an Obamaphone too!!
I have mixed feelings about Powell since he spoke at the UN making the case for Iraq. Having heard him speak before he seemed(s) like a well reasoned and honest man who cares deeply about his profession ad the soldiers he commands. Having said that I have a hard time believing that he was suckered by Bush and his administration into buying into the things he said before the UN. I would like to believe he made every effort to verify the data and did not just take Rumsfeld's and Cheney's word for it that the intel was correct.

I cannot help but feel bad for the man because in my opinion his association with Bush and the Iraq war will forever be a stain on his legacy.

I do not see his endorsement having any effect on the election out come.