Continental Airlines to Resume Nonstop New York - Hong Kong Service

Not to be rude...but should''nt this headline read "Continental Airlines to Resume Nonstop NEW JERSEY-Hong Kong Service"

Boy there are still so many who can''t get this right
Take a look at the official EWR website & see how closely they tie themselves to New York City. They aren''t exactly trying to attract customers/passengers/tourists to the rest of New Jersey. It''s all about NYC
Thanks to the new AirTrain station, I must grudgingly admit that Newark probably does deserve to call itself a "New York" airport. Although I was never a fan of EWR in the past, it is now a lot easier (and cheaper!) to get from Manhattan to EWR than it is to JFK. Hopefully that will change soon when the JFK AirTrain opens, but who knows when that will happen...