CRJ issue I''m confused what else is new?


Sep 17, 2002
If I have this right the CRJ''s are to be given to fly to the AA Furlough pilots as PIC(Pilot in Command). In other words it will go under the AA certificate or will it stay under Eagle?
Plus if it does go to AA will the F/A''s of AA fly them at there rate or will they be paid the same rate as an Eagle F/A''s (based on there senority) or will Eagle F/A''s countinue to fly them?

Now here is where I really get confused.....The company has been telling us(AE F/A''s) for years that the CRJ are not profitable to fly Eagle F/A''s at the rate of AA pay scale, so don''t even ask for that in negotiations.
But if they go to AA certificate(?) and the AA F/A''s fly them at there did it become profitable out of the blue. I hope I didn''t confused anyone else...or maybe its just me!
I need a drink....anyone join me.(ohhh...I only drink coffee ,just in case)LOL
The TA highlight sheet I saw says they'll leave the Eagle op spec only if it can be done on a cost neutral basis for all labor costs under all labor agreements. So, if it is being done for $X/flight hour at Eagle rates, the AA rates would have to be lowered to match.

Finding a way to get all the costs in line will be interesting, since as I read it, cost has to take into consideration all of the operating crew costs (including FA's) and maintenance.
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May I ask..what is the starting rate for AA F/A now and then the rate for AA F/A''s if the TA is ratifided?
Here in AE it is at 17+ an hour but your stuck at this rate for 4 years .