Jan 24, 2003
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 20:28:03 -0500
Reply-To: APA Challenge & Response
Sender: APA Challenge & Response
From: LGA/FO/S80/D
Subject: Re: RJ Jobs and Passes for Furloughees: Who is Lying?

I asked a similar question to Ed White at the road show.

The answer I received was.

The Eagle pilots that chose not to be part of the flush through to AA, are seat protected at Eagle in the Crj70. I remember him saying 18 or 19 guys. The Crj70 captains that are part of the flush throught will be bumped back to the Ejr and why not on the Crj70 they are paid approx $100 and Carty is only going to pay us 1st year eagle pay $52.50(AA length of service does not count). Can you say SCAB? I am sure the Eagle pilots will love us for this but its OK because from what I understand if you are ever fired from another AMR division you LOSE your right to recall (so I hope you don't run into one of the check airmen getting kicked out of his seat). Oh by the way $52.50 an hour x 80 per month, equates to $50,400 a year(sorry, no orange vest with your type rating).

If you do take it and you are lucky, then you go to DFW to sit reserve because it's the only CRJ base (18 or 19 capts sr to you plus the AA pilots ahead of you) and wait for the company to take delivery of more CRJ's.

Ed said they have 25 on order and options for a total of 50.

Don't forget, according to the LOA, they only have to recall a MAX of 20 pilots per month. No min.

You are locked for a min of 24 months.

AA has the right to recall pilots off the street ahead of you.

The good thing is AA will eventually get around to recalling you (and they will be in a hurry to replace you with the $100+ an hour Eagle guys, not to mention the training slots generated by giving you a higher paying mainline job, additional costs)lol.

Think how long you could be enjoying your new career at Eagle considering they now have the ability to go to 110% of the AA fleet or 660 aircraft. They also have 2500+ new resumes to choose from. Do the math, 20 per month recalled, thats over 10 years if all the furloughed pilots decide to fill up the new 660 aircraft fleet. More good news if you are stuck at Eagle for 10 years, (hypotheticly), you get to come back to AA at you current 3rd or 4th year pay rate(no LOS). Which on the MD 80 at the end of the TA in 2009, is $90 an hour x 73 hr reserve gurantee or $79,000 in 2009-2011 (don't forget to add 2-3% post war inflation into your cost of living equations)

Does anyone else see where this is going? By By MD80 hello unlimited Crj700's at $52.50 an hour. Or you could believe that they have no intension of ever reaching the 660 aircraft cap. Heck what does that cap matter anyway.

Did the APA miss the part where, I NEVER APPLIED TO WORK AT EAGLE!

They want the illegal furlough protection and still slam AE. When will these egotistical, popus, whiners learn. There is no difference in our jobs or required performance. We just do more of it with worse work rules and less ego.