Crystal City??????


Aug 20, 2002
Does anyone know how much we pay in rent at this overpriced piecce of property? I know for a fact we have lots of space office space in the CLT hanger...might not be DC but has to be cheaper....Has this been brought up at the dog and pony show???Best of luck to all VOTE NO![:blackeye:] [:knockout:]
Something else to consider regarding DCA area property. I saw a news story a couple of nights ago. A Church located near the White being priced out of the nieghborhood , by increased "Insurance Costs". This is directly related to the potential "Terrorist Threats" to the White House and the surrounding areas. I would imagine those cost increases will apply to CCY...because of it's proximity to DCA and the Pentegon. This will be a growing trend with Sports Stadiums...and anything capable of housing large numbers of people and events.
DC Office Rent vs CLT Office Rent? Even without knowing the exact dollars- logic would tell you the CLT is by far cheaper on any scale you care to measure by.
Nope, they're staying there for a little while. Not moving to Dulles, not moving to another building in CCY. They've already consolidated floors, as there were alot of empty cubes after the layoffs there last year. So, with those cost-savings, and having found sub-lessors for Vornado Realty for the empty floors, they'll be able to say. Secondly, they got too much work to focus on, other than bothering with a move, and you can't beat the proximity to DCA, which management uses all the time to commute to the hubs, LGA, and home. Can't get that in IAD.
Has anybody priced the costs to break the lease, get a new building, move all the furniture and equipment, etc.? My guess is, after all is said and done, the money could be spent somewhere else with a far more positive result.
The cost to break the lease is probably "pay the remainder of the lease".

Generally speaking the only recourse is to find a sub-leasor. Which it sounds like they are doing for space that isn't needed. BTW -- sub-leases are often done at a loss...
If people thought that the 6 Million dollars in "bonuses" were hard to take, imagine how they would scream if they knew how much it would cost the company to move the HQ to CLT, PIT, or even IAD.